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Freshwater Fishing Reports - South Eastern North Carolina

The Gill Wetter "Your Local Fishing News"

Chuck at Lanes Ferry Store reports that not a lot of fresh water action, due to all the guys & girls hunting that trophy buck. There was one good report of a 7 lb. Bass up around Croom’s Bridge.
The same gentlemen also had four other fish in the bag. The water conditions are some what coming back around to normal, meaning that the Bream bite will become a whole lot better.
December, Jan, and February the Crappie hopefully will show up in size like last year.
Not a whole lot of Crappie showed up last year, but the ones that did, were of really nice size.

Vick Germanaro with another nice Catfish. Courtesy B&B Bait and Tackle.

North Carolina Record Flathead

by Adam Burton

Congratulations to Brian Newberger, an avid angler and member of the Fayetteville-based long Whiskers Catfish Club. Newberger came through on a 2004 prediction to catch a state record flathead, by the end of 2005. Not long after the stroke of midnight on Sept. 17, 2005, that prediction became the reel deal. A 78 lb. 52 inch monster flathead sealed the deal, using a live eel, and 50lb. test line. Newberger hauled in this record at the Cape Fear River above Lock and Dam #3. Keeping this possible state record alive was a seven hour long battle waiting for Riverside Sports Center to open. But the long wait was worth it when WRC biologist Keith Ashley verified the fish. This confirmed new state record was released back in the river just after 10am nearly 11 hours after it hit the live eel. The previous N.C. record weighed 69lb. and was caught in the Cape Fear by Edward C. Davis in July 1994. The current world record holder for Flatheads was caught from Elk City Reservoir in Kansas on May 14, 1998 and was a 123 pounder. Also, just something to ponder, or start planning to pursue, is that the record for the Channel Catfish is now up for grabs!

Brian Newberger with his N.C. record 78 lb. 52 inch monster flathead catfish.


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