Red Drums Along Masonboro Island

August 1st, 2005 by Gillwetter Press | Comments Off

Well, I think the sharks have finally decided to head out to sea.Now maybe some of the door mats will start bedding up in the river. Had a few catches of nice size trout in the river and ICWW using live shrimp, gotta to hunt around the grass beds. Small door mat flounders are showing up in te 5 to 8 pound range around docks and piers. Red Drum are laying around oyster beds along the back side of Masonboro Island ……take your pick. Of course you have your spots, croakers and blues running. Finger mullets are finally showing up in good numbers, man were they scarce. We had some nice Sheepshead from 4 to 11 pounds in the shop last week. If you don’t catch it ,we’ve got you covered. Come check out our full line of inshore seafood. Shrimp, oysters, soft shell crabs, live blue crabs, snow crab legs,scallops, flounder, catches of the day, whatever’s in the net. Hope you’re safe on the water and remember, Keep your worm wigglin’. Adam & Jennifer Burton B & B Bait an Tackle 910-458-4644

Dwayne and Dakota Utsman with a 22″ 3.5 lb red drum and 19″ 2 lb 11 ounce red drum and yes Dakota caught the bigger of the two. Ha Ha …. Daddy

Adam Burton caught the king mackerel 15 & 18 pounds fishing with Alan Ambrose July 29,2005 first time he’s been off shore in 15 years. What a blast. Thanks Alan.

Adam Burton with a 7lb. bull dolphin caught fishing with Alan Ambrose July 29, 2005

Another happy B &B customer. He didn’t leave his name but he has a nice catch

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Mud Minnows

July 4th, 2005 by Gillwetter Press | Comments Off

Sorry ladies and gents, We’ve been a little tied up for the last few weeks.The grass has finally left and the fishing is getting back to normal. We’ve had a few good fishing trips in June. Adam and his friend Robert, landed several small flounder at the first of the month, mostly in the ICWW. But by the end of the month we were catching keepers. Charles, Daniel and Adam went 2 weeks ago and pulled in nine flounder but only 5 were keepers. Shari Moore caught a woppin’ 5 pounder July 1st. You Go Girl! Surf fishing is pretty good right now, pompano, blues, some summer flounder, and a few red and black drum. River fishing bites right now, sharks are everywhere. Much more than that, Snow’s Cut, the Inlet and structures on the ICWW are the place to be. Keep your worm wigglin’ . Adam and Jennifer Burton B& B Bait and Tackle 910-458-4644

Shari Moore with a 5 lb. one ounce flounder caught near the inlet using a live mud minnow 07/01/05 ” She’s in the lead Keith”

Vicki Adams with a 1 lb. black drum caught in the state park on shrimp 06/20/05

Carl Carey with a 5 lb. flounder caught 06/05/05 using a live mud minnow near the inlet

Charles Bell and his son Daniel with a mess of flounder caught within a two hour time period in the same spot fishing on the “Gill Wetter” with Adam Burton Bait of choice…….mud minnow

Adam Burton with a 3 1/2 lb. flounder caught on a live mud minnow 06/24/05 somewhere near Snow’s Cut

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