Lock & Dam #1

May 9th, 2005 by Gillwetter Press | Comments Off

Well, the weather’s getting warmer, and the fishing is heating up. Some nice size pompano are running in the surf along with blues, spots, whiting, croakers, and the occasional flounder. Jennifer caught a flounder Sat. in the surf, but it wasn’t quite big enough to keep. That’s a good sign though.Due to recent rains not alot happening in the river, although we can’t rule anything out. We had some luck Sunday afternoon and caught a few whiting in the river. If you’d rather be cat fishing some thick 30lb cat fish are coming from Lock & Dam #1.Till next time keep your worm wiggling. Don’t forget the Inshore Challenge Fishing Tournament May 20 and May 21.

small but legal flounder size has gone up to 14 inches inside and out. all waters

OOOHHHH……… Citation. Nice catch Dwayne. Caught on shrimp off the surf Sat. May 6,2005.

Proof is in the puddin’………… they’re here but scattered. This black drum and red drum were caught in the river



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Freeman Park

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Well the weather’s warming up and the fishing is getting better. Virginia mullets and croakers are being caught off the piers. Believe it or not we actually caught a few flounder and spots in the ICW ( Inter-coastal waterway). Although none of them were keepers, its a good sign of what’s to come this summer. Sting rays and blow toads are plentiful, and still the occasional red and black drum are being caught around structures and a few in the surf. The reported water temp. is around 64, but I stuck my toe in the water today and it seem to disagree. The North End ( Freeman Park) is now only accessible with a daily or yearly pass.Yearly passes are available at B & B Bait and Tackle for $ 40. Daily passes $10, are available at the entrance of the park. B & B Bait and Tackle have opened a new cleaning station for those of you who don’t like to clean your own catch. Till next time keep, your worm wigglin’. Adam & Jennifer Burton

Here’s a little eye candy for the up coming season, but you gotta work for it

See there, I told you size don’ t matter ! We’re waiting on these jewels to start showing up in numbers

Come see Cape Point Creations new inventions to make fishing from the hill a whole lot easier and more enjoyable

Don’t forget to come see us for all of your fishing needs and fresh seafood. 2nd light on the right from the Snow’s Cut Bridge.

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