Trout In The Rocks At Fort Fisher

March 2nd, 2005 by Gillwetter Press | Comments Off

It is still a little early in the season but there is a little bit to talk about. There are still some trout down by the rocks at Fort Fisher. They are also in the waterway by the old docks. Puppy Drum are few and far between and there is an abundant number of Spiny Dogfish. Now, if you slide offshore twenty miles or better, bottom fishing is great with plenty of Jumbo Black Bass. If you can get to the bottom, you will probably find Flounder. We have had a fairly mild winter with water temperatures that remained in the high forties to low fifties, helping to preserve the bait that has mudded up for the winter. We could have an early season as well as a good one. It?s about the same time last year we froze and a lot of bait was killed off. To all of you that have just moved here, welcome and get your stuff ready because you now live in the Flounder Capital. From one pound to twenty pounds, even bigger. Though one has not been caught yet! Or maybe you will be the one to walk through the door and say, “I got it!” Keep fishin and releasin!

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Keep Your Worm A Wigglin’

February 24th, 2005 by Gillwetter Press | Comments Off

We’re gearing up for the season, hope you are too. Fishing right now is pretty slow. A few trout and red drum have been caught in the river and bays. Sharks are everywhere if you’re looking for a good fight, average size is 2 to 4 feet. Don’t forget your pass for the south end state park area, $ 10.00 a day or $ 40.00 a year. These fees will soon be charged for the north end of the island. Date not given as of yet. Don’t let these fees deter you, some of the best fishing is done on the south and the north end. Please remember to clean up after yourself so that others can enjoy the same beauty that you do. Good luck fishing and remember keep your worm a wigglin’.

Our buddy Doug sneaking down from Raleigh, he need a door mat for his new house!

Not only is he a hell of a goldsmith, he’s not to shabby with a rod & reel, Gooooooooo Captain Joe

MmmmmMmmmmm Dreaming of a spot sandwich !!

Another happy B & B customer

Our buddy “D” fat and happy with his first catch of the season Jan 2, 2005

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