Turkey Season

May 5th, 2015 by Capt. Mike Dennis

Successful Hunt

Turkey season is still open in the Cape Fear Region of North Carolina yesterday Capt.Mike had an exciting day of turkey hunting with David Franklin.

Morning started out in the blind before first light,with 3 birds gobbling shortly after sunrise,made number of calls with little response back,then it was just a waiting game we knew the birds were visiting the field on a regular basis.

I was so sleepy,it was all I could do to stay awake,when David nudge me saying turkey coming into the decoys,game on the gobbler begin to attack the Jake decoy,told David I was about to shoot,he urge me to wait for the turkey to get away from the decoy some,the turkey moved off the right of the decoy just a little when I fired the feathers flew like a puff of smoke,bird drop dead flopping only once it was a clean kill.

I was hunting with an experience turkey hunter,David made it possible for me to take my first turkey,lot’s of pointers and tips from an experienced hunter.

Whether you are fishing or hunting experience counts.

Give Capt.Mike the Cape Fear Guide a call when you are ready to enjoy a day fishing in the Cape Fear Region.

Capt.Mike Dennis



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Cape Fear River

May 30th, 2012 by Capt. Mike Dennis

Cape Fear River fishing has been producing a few red drum in the upper slot limits,Capt.Mike Dennis fishes the Buzzard Bay area on a regular basis,this past week fishing had slowed in the creeks.Leaving out of the creeks I stopped and tried a few cast on Striking Island  found the red drum feeding menhaden.

First Red Drum

Capt.Mike Dennis – 910-619-0928 – Cape Fear Guide

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