Wrigthsville Beach NC Big Trout and Redfish

November 25th, 2007 by Capt. Jot Owens | Comments Off


I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving! On Wednesday 11-21, my charter caught a few trout and blues, fishing was ok. The weather had been getting a little warm and the water was coming up in temps. This is not usually good for trout fishing. We picked seven trout, two flounder and a few Blues. The weather around here was not the best on Thanksgiving Day, warm and windy~~~ enjoyed a day with the family.

Got out on the water Saturday 11-24, the front had made it by us that night “Cold and Windy~~~~~!!! I took a good friend of mine Capt Cordy. We fished most of the late morning with not much luck, I told him let’s go finish up around the Masonboro jetties. We fished a few spots, got a nice Tautog and a few Blues. So we moved to try one more spot before we called it a day.

Threw out a live shrimp, hooked up small Redfish. Every cast after that we got a Red, they were not to big 17? to 22? a lot of fun on light tackle. I told Cordy there has got to be a Big Trout mixed in these Reds. Hooked number 18 “Red”, he started running hard I looked down in the water “UH-OH” it’s a Nice Trout! Cordy reached down in the water with his hands and grabbed my Trout, don’t ever forget the net when trout fishing “note to self”! Cordy threw him in the boat, time to call it a day.

The Trout was 6.01 on the Xtools scale, number seven over four pounds this year. We caught the Trout and Reds on live shrimp, float rigs running about three feet deep. Thanks for reading this report. Give me a call let’s go get your next nice Trout!

Gear used: Reel Pflueger Infusion 7635SS, Rod: Ugly Stick Lite 7?0? Med light act. Line: Ugly Braid 10#

Good fishing to Ya,
Capt Jot

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Capt. Jot Owens Wrightsville Beach NC, Trout, Redfish and Blues

November 21st, 2007 by Capt. Jot Owens | Comments Off

Happy Thanksgiving to All!!!

I hope everybody can get out and do some fishing on this Thanksgiving, weather looks GREAT next couple of days. Hey and the fish are biting! Fishing has been good to very good last few trips, slowest day for us was 8 trout and 30+ blue’s “I stopped keeping track”.

The Trout are biting Mirrolure’s and jigs. I’ve had the most luck with red and black 1/4oz jigs heads, with Saltwater Assassin seashad in colors (pearl flake, chart. diamond, and silver mullet). And don’t forget those live Shrimp!!!

Redfish are in the surf in good numbers, I’ve seen schools in the 50 to 200+ fish “easy to see”! Jigs have been the real key for the Redfish, 5/8 and 1/2 oz red heads. Saltwater Assassin “Blurps” in colors white “pearl” and molting have seen to work the best.

Bluefish; they have been around the inlets in big numbers. Lures, about anything you throw at them. We’ve been casting metal spoons and catching all we want!

Thanks for this reading this report, have a good Thanksgiving! Want to go fishing, give me a call 910-233-4139. Good fishing to Ya!

Capt Jot Owens

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