Trout, Reds and Stripers

December 23rd, 2007 by Capt. Jot Owens | Comments Off

I hope everyone has a great Christmas and a very Happy New Year! I’m looking very forward to this up coming year, for there will be some great new things happening with my guide service. Keep your eyes peeled for that info, for it is soon to come! Now to the things you came to see “the Fishing report”!!

Those Speckled Trout are still biting; most fish have been around the inlets for the most part. The water temp just will not fall this year “a good thing”! We’ve been getting Trout on grubs and jigs, the best I’ve had luck with seen to be Saltwater Assassin sea shads. The colors that are workin the best; chart-diamond and silver mullet, with a red or black jig head.

Mirrolures are catching a few fish as well the Catch 2000 in chart has been the ticket. Don’t forget those LIVE shrimp most of the big trout this year have come by using them! Float rigs and light
Carolina rigs have done well.

We have seen some nice schools of Redfish in the surf around inlets and shoals. The schools have been big, 30 to 200+ fish, easy to see in the surf by boat or walking. Saltwater Assassin “Blurps” are a good bet on those Redfish. The best colors have been pearl, molting and good penny.

Cape Fear River Stripers are hitting a little too. Most fish are eating shrimp jigs “Blurps” in pearl and molting have done well.Also Rattle traps and mid water diving plugs are catching a few too. Check out the article in the Fisherman’s post, I helped write. The article is named “Downtown Striper Town” in the winter 2007 issue, lots of good info!

Thanks for reading this report, good fishing to ya!

Captain Jot Owens

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Great “Big” Trout fishing

December 7th, 2007 by Capt. Jot Owens | Comments Off


I just wanted to do a quick in-between reports report! The Trout fishing has been out of this world for us around the Cape
Fear coast this year! Big fish, they have been getting bigger every year. I can’t wait to see what shows up next year, but lets not get ahead of our self’s now. Today was a great afternoon of fishing. My crew of four was the Day family, and as always the Kids come out on top. Jack Day seven years old has got the biggest Trout of the year for my charters! Six and a half pounds, all on his own! This brings the count to 13 over four pounds this year, we had nine over four last season. The Trout hit a live shrimp on a float rig at the Masonboro jetties. We caught a total of 17 Trout and a few Tautogs.

Thanks for reading this report, get out there and get a Gator!! Captain Jot Owens

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