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I think winter is finally here, I’m already looking forward to spring! Cooler temps have invaded the southeast Carolina coast, rainy and cold one day; cold and sunny the next. Sometimes we get a lucky 60` day mixed in, “I like those”! Spring will be here before we know it.

The new boat is here!!! I got to see it for the first time today, she is beautiful. I am really looking forward to fishing one of the finest bay boats in the world. The Ranger Bay 22` is a truly fine fishing weapon, built to fish, fish and more fishing.

This will be one more very important weapon to catch those sneaky fish around here.

To the fishing report, a few Trout are biting. The key here is patience; take your time when the water gets cold. Cold water Trout fishing; slow jigging and slow retrieve will catch you more Trout. When the water cools down, I mostly fish Grubs and Mirrolures. It is easier to fish these lures slower, than other lures on the market. If you can get live bait, please use it!

The grubs I like in the winter mouths are Saltwater Assassin sea shad in 4”. Colors silver mullet, chart diamond, and salt/pep shad. I like to use shrimp Bang scent in the winter too, this helps because there is not much bait in the water. I don’t use a lot of scents for Trout, but in the cold winter it can really help. Mirrolures elect. ckin and chart and sliver belly colors. Work them SLOW!

Redfish are schooling well in the surf, if we can get a nice day to get out and get’em. They are pretty easy to catch; you just got to find them. That part can be a bit harder, trust me! A sunny, light wind day and good polarized sunglasses are the keys to catching these Reds.

Grubs seen to be the easy go to bait for surf Reds. Saltwater Assassin “Blurps” in pearl color work very well. You need to use heavier jigs heads, ½ and 5/8 plus for casting. Color of the head is not a big deal Red, white and black all work just fine. Hold on tight, they fight great even in cold water!

Let’s not forget those Cape Fear River stripers; they should bite right on to the end of February. That is if it does not get to cold, so far so good. Most fish are eating shrimp jigs “Blurps” in pearl and molting have done well. Also Rattle traps and mid water diving plugs are catching a few too.

That is the report; keep an eye on the web page. As soon as I get photos of the new boat I will put hem on the web site. Thanks for reading this report, good fishing to ya!

Capt. Jot Owens

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Warm-Cold-Warm>Winter Time!

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Warm-Cold-Warm>>>>>> that has been the weather around here lately.It can make it hard to catch fish when it’s like this, the fish don’t know what season it is! As fishermen we still get out there and try to catch’em even if they are not biting. So that brings me to my report.


The Trout have still been biting some, not as well as this late Fall but biting. Most fish are around the inlets and beaches; the recent cold snap has kept them out of the creeks. Most fish are hitting live bait “if you can get it”. Live shrimp and small minnows on float rigs have worked the best. Also try working a grub like a Saltwater Assassin Blurp. Work the grub very slow, the colder the water the slower you need to work it.

In the surf there has been large schools of Redfish, these Reds should stay in the surf until spring. The water is very clear here in the winter. The Reds are easy to see in the surf, by boat or walking on the beach. Don’t forget your polarized sunglasses; you’ll need them to see them! The best baits for the surf Reds, Mirrolures and Blurp grubs with heavy jig heads 5/8 and ½ oz.

I headed out to the Gulf Stream on the boat “Work Release”, Saturday (1-5) to do a little Wahoo fishing. Great weather, calm seas, a little warmer air temps. Left the dock at 4:30am got to the first spot around 6:30am and started trolling. We put out the spread, mostly light wire ballyhoo rigs “hot shots” using Blue Water candy skirts. For baits we used Medium ballyhoo and we also had out one horse ballyhoo with a Blue Water candy “Jag” in black and purple.

The water was a little to cold for what I like to see in the area we were fishing, 70 dig. We fished for a couple of hours with a few hits on the down rigger, mostly False Albacore. So we turned the boat for deeper and hopefully warmer water. We got out to 650 feet and what do you know the long rigger snapped off like a BB gun. I look back and a small but happy to see Blue Marlin. I could not believe my eyes; I even thought I saw he had a jacket on in that cold water!

It did not last long, he turned over real quick and drop the bait “that’s fishing”. Good to see him tough, sure got our hearts racing on a slow fishing day.

We got out to about 800 feet and decided to do a little deep dropping for some Snowy Groupers. Headed over to a wreck we fish from time to time. Got out the deep drop rod, and made a drop on the wreck. Got a hit right away reeled it up; nice snowy! We caught a few more and headed to the hill “home”. This was one trip I was glad I had other gear on the boat for different kinds of fishing. It can save the day!

Thanks so much for reading this report, get out there and take a kid fishing!

Captain Jot Owens

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