It’s starting to look like Spring!!!

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Hello to all, I hope everyone is doing well. It will not be long at all before spring will be here and that can only mean one thing “spring fishing”! I can’t wait!! I picked up the new boat last week and I’m almost done rigging it. Just a few more things to do and I’ll put her in the water for the season.

To the fishing report we go>>>>. Redfish are biting on those nice warm sunny days. The best bet for these guys is to look for them on flats, oyster rocks and grass lines on warm calm days. The Reds will be sunning and trying to find bait that is doing the same thing. Best lures to use; jigs “go light” 1/8 and ¼ oz. jig heads this way you will not spook the Reds in shallow water. Rig them with a good scented grub like Saltwater Assassin Blurps. In the sea shad pattern; colors pearl or molting seen to work the best in the winter mouths.

All so look for big schools of Redfish in the surf on very nice days as well. These schools of Reds will be close to inlets, sandbars and sometimes jetties. Use the same kinds of jigs, but use heavier jig heads like 3/8 and ½ oz. This will make it easier to cast to the Reds. A few Trout are biting as well. A good bet for them would be Mirrolure’s and Grubs. Colors for Mirrolure’s chart back and white on white. Grubs silver mullet and one of my favorites chart diamond. Remember work them slow, during the colder mouths!

In theCape Fear River there are still a few Stripers biting. The bigger fish for the most part are starting to slow down. We are catching most of the Stripers on jigs, rattle trips and mid diving X-raps. Colors white on white, green back and silver minnow. Just look for creek mouths, drop-offs and docks that hold any kind of bait. Work these areas hard and you will catch a few Stripers, patience pays off! There are some catfish biting in the river now as well.

Just off the beach, in the three the fifteen miles off. The Black sea bass, Jolt head porgies and Tautogs are biting. There hanging on ledges and artificial reefs, these fish are not too hard to catch once you find them. Cut bait is the way to go on these fish, Squid seems to work the best and it stays on the hook better. If you would rather go artificial, jigs and jig spoons, two to five oz. any colors will work “go bright”.

In other news, keep and eye out for Saltwater Assassin’s new sea shad color that just came out. It’s called “chicken on a chain” it glows, hard to explain the color you’ll have to see it yourself. I think it will be a good Trout and Flounder color here in NC. I hear it’s working well for the guides in FL chasing Snook!

We are booking up fast for this up coming summer season, book now to get the day you want! Check out the new web page for fishing reports and charter specials from time to time. Thanks for reading this report, and Good fishing to Ya!!!

Capt. Jot Owens

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