Nice weather = Trout, Flounder, Blues and Red fish

April 29th, 2008 by Gillwetter Press | Comments Off

Hello folks, I hope y’all are enjoying the warmer temps as much as I am!  Summer is starting to show it self around eastern North Carolina.  Lighter winds and warmer temps have been the story and that means good fishing!  Finally three and four day windows of good temps and light winds.  Enough about the weather lets talk fishing!

We have had some great Trout fishing lately, fishing south of Wrightsville beach.  On good days we are catching over fifth teen trout with three to six flounder mixed in too.  On Thursday 4-17, my charter caught sixteen trout and six flounder.  That same day one of the trout was 27” and weighted six and a half pounds, a very nice spring trout.  The trout was released alive and in good health.

We’ve been catching the trout on live shrimp and shrimp grubs.  The rig we are using for the live shrimp is a float rig, fishing two to four feet deep.  The shrimp grubs that seem to work the best are Saltwater Assassin (Shrimp Cocktails) in colors (Drunk monkey and Natural glow).  We’ve also caught a few with a Kiwk rattling cork and a grub shrimp.

The Red fish bite has been “hit or miss” some days we go out and wack’em some days we don’t.  Live bait, fresh shrimp and scented grubs have been the ticket.  You just have got to find the Reds to catch them.  Fish the live and cut bait on Carolina rigs.  Saltwater Assassin (Blurps) in colors good penny and molting seem to work well for the scented grubs.  Most of the reds are in the water way on docks and in creek mouths.

In the ocean on the nice days, the blues are biting well.  Sometimes you get a few Bonita’s mixed in as well.  Clark spoons in size’s one, two and three trolled behind number one planners are the trolling ticket.  Casting and jigging spoons works well too around near shore artificial wrecks.  Pink colored lures seem to work the best for my charters.  It will not be long we will see some Spanish mackerel; I’m looking forward to that!

Gear used: Pflueger Medalist 6040 and 6035 spinning reels with 12 and 20 pound Ugly Braid line. Rods: Ugly stick lite’s in med action 7’.in length. Thanks for taking a look at this report!  Get out on the water and take a kid fishing.  Or better give me a call and I’ll take ya!

Capt. Jot Owens


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Winds and Fish, sometimes you get both!

April 15th, 2008 by Gillwetter Press | Comments Off

Good day to everyone.  The weather is starting to finally get right; we are having more warm days than cooler ones.  The forecast has warmer days for the rest of the week, a little cool today though!  Wind wise a little better everyday, we’ve finally started to get out on the ocean and chase those Bonita’s around.  Let’s talk about that. 

Those high speed Bonita’s are showing up, good numbers should show up any day now. The Bluefish are mixed in with them too.  We’re catching them by trolling and casting.  The trolling rigs that we’re using are; a number one planner with thirty to forty feet of forty pound mono leader.  Tied to the leader is a Clark spoon in size’s 0, 1 and 2, I like to use the gold and pink flash Clark spoons.  Troll them about five to six knots. 

If you would like to try casting or jigging for the Bonita’s, I use Maria jigs.  They do have a price tag on them, but when the bite is tough these jigs will pay off!  Maria’s that I have the best luck with are size’s seven and fourteen grams.  The fourteens are easier to cast.  Colors to use; green, blue and pink seem to work the best for me.

The Speckled trout have decided to bite from time to time the last few weeks.  Most fish are coming out of creeks and channels around the waterway and inlets.  Best bet for the trout so far has been grubs, working the grubs slow in holes and drop-offs.   The grubs I like in the spring mouths are Saltwater Assassin sea shad in 4”.  Colors silver mullet, chart diamond, and salt/pep shad. I like to use shrimp (Bang) scent in the spring too, this helps because there is not much bait in the water yet.  I don’t use a lot of scents for Trout, but in the cool spring mouths it can really help.

Redfish are schooling good in the surf and the ICW, when we get a nice day we get out and get’em.  They are pretty easy to catch; you just got to find them.  That part can be a bit harder, trust me!  A sunny, light wind day and good polarized sunglasses are the keys to catching these Reds.  Grubs seen to be the easy go to bait for the Reds.  Saltwater Assassin (Blurps) in pearl and molting colors work very well.  You can use jigs heads, 1/4 and 3/8 for casting.  Color of the jig heads is not a big deal red and black work just fine.  Hold on tight, they fight great even in cool water!

We are catching a few Flounder as well.  The flounder are biting while we are fishing for Reds and the Trout.  Grubs work just fine to get these guys.   Gear used: Reel Pflueger Infusion 7635SS and 7640ss, Rod: Ugly Stick Lite 7’0? Med light and Med act. Line: Ugly Braid in 15 and 20 pound test.  Thanks for taking the time to read this report, get out there and go fishing!   If you would like to go with me check out my web page and or give me a call 910-233-4139.

Capt. Jot Owens
Wrightsville Beach and Wilmington, NC 

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