8/26/10 Fishing Report. Fishing is Good. $275.00 CBFishing 5hr fishing trip special. Redfish, flounder, trout, and Sharks!!!

August 26th, 2010 by Capt. Robert Schoonmaker | Comments Off

That is right 275.00 for 5hrs for up to 4 people. It is as low as we can go.  We have 3 boats to choose from. Call and ask for the CBfishing Special. This includes everything except food and drinks.  If you want to catch fish and have a good time this trip is for you.  We are catching lots of redfish, double digit days are not uncommon.  The flounder have shown up in great numbers and will provide you with plenty of great meals.  Lots of spanish mackerel and blues are along the coast. If you want a big fish to tug on the line then lets go shark fishing, lots of 50lb to 70lb fish just off the beach.  This is great for a big fish on a half day.  Call and ask for the special today….

Clayton, Mitchel, Will, and Carl with a great catch of flounder, blues, and sharks.  We also released 5 big sharks in the 50lb range to catch another day.

Jones, Phil, and Jim with a great catch of flounder on a 4hr trip.  We fished the next day with plenty of action including redfish and a few flounder.

Dave with 3 nice flounder. We went shark fishing and released 7 nice sharks in the 50lb range…

Tawny with a over the slot redfish. She caught 13 in a 5hr trip and we came home early.

Tawny with a great keeper redfish.  She had a blast catching more fish than her brother.

Spanish and flounders, what a great combination.  Plenty of fish for the cooler.

Big spanish with a bigger smile. Keep the kids fishing and build memories for a lifetime.

5hr flounder mania.  If you want flounder, then we shall catch flounder.

Thanks for reading the report.. If you want a great trip at a reasonable price then call me at 910-264-1807 or 910-262-3474.  You have to ask for the CBfishing specail to receive the 275.00 rate. 


3 boats to choose from call for the special today……

Capt. Robert Schoonmaker 910-264-1807 or  910-262-3474

www.carolinaexplorer.com         www.redfishexplorer.com

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8-16-2010 Fishing is Good, that is the truth. Redfish, Flounder, Spanish, Sharks and a few trout.

August 16th, 2010 by Capt. Robert Schoonmaker | Comments Off

We have been busy catching fish, not updating the report, sorry for the delay.  Inshore we have had great action with redfish on live baits and lures.  On the good days catching double digit numbers on the redfish is not uncommon. The flounder and a few trout have been cooperating as well making inshore slams a regular occurance.  Look at the pics, lots of kids catching trophy fish, so easy you can do it.  Just give me a call at 910-264-1807 and let me guide you to a great day on the water. 

Just off the beach, plenty of spanish mackerel, flounder, gray trout, and huge sharks.  If you want a big tug on the line, then shark fishing is for you.  Most days if the shrimp boats are out, we can catch big sharks until your arms get sore.  These fish are all over 50lbs and a reel challenge on light tackle. If you want a battle this action is for you….

James, little James, Nate and Tom with a Inshore slam of Redfish, trout, and flounder.

The Rigsbee family with a great catch of spanish mackerel, and a limit of redfish.  Family fun in the sun.

Great father and son flounder catch, we released plenty of smalls that day.

The redfish Queens.  These girls slayed them and did it in style. These are two of the 27 refish we caught this day.

Levi holding the biggest fish of his life.  We broke this record later in the morning.

Matt, Zack, Kirk, and Torin with a great catch of spanish.  We also caught 11 big sharks that were release to fisht another day.

Troy with the 2nd redfish of his life.  It was a true battle to land this 31inch by 17inch girth fish. 

Robert doing battle with a big shark. 

Randys shark.  We released 9 of these in less than two hours.  We still had plenty of action the kids could handle.

Smaller sharks for Randy and Roberts Crew.  Also a few spanish.

This redfish is almost a pretty as her smile.  1st redfish ever for this young lady.


Darrens birthday redfish.  It is lit up by a great sunrise.

Redfish double for Dr. Morgan and friend.  We fished in high winds and still managed 12 slot redfish.

Jason with a over the slot redfish.  He was fishing with the good looking girls holding redfish in this report.

Two flounder before we went shark fishing and released 15 big sharks.  These guys were from Nebraska and had a ball this the sharks. 

Thanks for reading the report. If you want to book a trip or have any questions about a trip, give me a call at  910-264-1807.

Capt. Robert Schoonmaker  

www.carolinaexplorer.com      910-264-1807     www.redfishexplorer.com

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