Carolina Explorer 12-27 fishing report. Santa Claus has delivered great redfishing to Carolina Beach. WINTER RATES IN FULL EFFECT CALL 910-264-1807!!!!!!!!!!

December 27th, 2010 by Capt. Robert Schoonmaker | Comments Off

Happy Holidays and New Year to all.  We have been catching lots of redfish on all the trips last week.  Even on the cold and windy days we have been catching redfish, all on lures. Strikeking glass minnows in dark colors, gulp alive in shrimp and pogey patterns have been working the best.  Remember to fish them slow, the fish are cold just like we are.  It looks like the weather is going to break around the weekend, so If you want to go catch plenty of redfish, give me a call 910-264-1807.  WINTER RATES IN FULL EFFECT. Check out the pics and see what you and your friends might catch.

Brian and Brian with one of several doubles.  We were warming up on the little guys, then found the bigger ones later in the day.

Brian and Brian with a triple on slot redfish.  I got to catch one of these, that is why there are three.  We had a great trip and went well into double digits with the reds, all on lures.

I got in on the action with a nice creek redfish.

Dean with a upper slot redfish.

Matt with an slot redfish on his new fishing rod. 

One of several doubles on the smaller reds.  We agian went well into the double digits with redfish. All on lures strikekings  and gulp.

Matt with his first redfish ever, a nice slotfish on a lure.  One of several he caught.

Kermit was so happy with his redfish.  It was his first redfish ever.  He caught as many as he could stand, what a fun day.

Dan with the smallest red of the trip.  He had the most experience of  the three, but Matt and Kermit had most of the luck.  See you this spring.

Kermit with a lost flounder.  It was 13inches and I was surprised to see this fish.  Again, this is Kermits first flounder of his life.  We had a lot of fun and caught plenty of fish.

Thanks for reading the report.  The WINTER RATES ARE STILL IN FULL EFFECT.  Give me a call 910-264-1807  and lets go catch some redfish.

Capt. Robert Schoonmaker                                         910-264-1807                       

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Carolina Explorer 12-14-2010 Still catching REDFISH AND TROUT IN THE COLD TEMPS. WINTER SPECIAL RATES CALL TODAY 910-264-1807!!!!!!!!!!

December 14th, 2010 by Capt. Robert Schoonmaker | Comments Off

Thanks for reading the report.  The winter special fishing rates have kicked in. Heck if I like you we might just go fishing for free, or I might pay you.  How much money you got,  give me a call 910-264-1807. A little dock humor there.  We have been catching lots of redfish on stikeking glass minnows on a 3/8 jighead.  The darker colors have been working best.  The gulp alive shrimp has been producing some trout and reds as well.  Remember to fish slow, the fish are cold just like us.  On the extreamly cold days all the trout seemed to bite are live shrimp.  The redfish on the tough days like fresh dead shrimp or mudminnows.  Layer up, stay warm and have fun fishing.

If you want to fish around the Holidays give me a call and we will pick the best day for the  weather.

Happy Holidays

Nice cape fear speck,  caught on a Denny live shrimp.

“LostBoy” with a nice one.

I had the chance to go bass fishing with friend and guide Robbie Everett at Kingfisher Lake in Laural Hill.  This is one of 46 Bass I caught in one day.  Robbie had 58.  It is a trophy bass lake and they have plenty of big ones.  The average was between 4 to 7lbs.  Google Kingfisher lake on the web.

This was Sunday the 12th of December. The weatherman missed the forcast this morning.  It was semi-warm 50′s and the calmest winds all month.  20 slot fish with plenty of small ones. 

Come on down and enjoy some great winter fishing.


Capt. Robert Schoonmaker                910-264-1807      

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