CAROLINA EXPLORER 1-19 FISHING REPORT The redfish are biting, come on down and experience this great winter action!!!!!!

January 19th, 2011 by Capt. Robert Schoonmaker | Comments Off

Thanks for reading the report.  The redfish have been biting even with the cold temps.  We are mostly sightcasting to the fish with Gulp alive shrimp, Zoom baby flukes, Ho-Ho’s, and the new Thingamabob.  Just remember to fish slow and if you think your going slow enough, slow down a little more.  If all else fails we break out the mudminnows and shrimp, whatever it takes to put fish in the boat. 

Check out the pics and enjoy.  If you want to get in on some great winter fishing,  give me call 910-264-1807.  Winter Rates in full effect!!!!!!!!!! 

Robbie with another big Carolina Beach redfish.  This one was 31.5 inches.  Still a big inshore red on artificial.

Nick and Charles with a nice double on Carolina beach reds. 

Donald Holiday and I double on reds.  It is a blast fishing with the Holiday Electric crew, they are like family.

Way back in the skinny water catching reds. This fishing is so much fun, you really need to see it for yourself. Give me a call 910-264-1807.

Nick with another Redfish onboard the redfish explorer.  A solid Double Digit Day.

Charles with another redfish, way too much fun.

Matt with a nice 32inch redfish caught on a gulp.  This was the first nice day after the snow. It was awesome, huge schools of fish. Another solid Double Digit day on slot reds.

Same day after the snow. Just went to see if the fish were  frozen in blocks of ice.  The cold really schooled up the fish. I was glad to see the redfish action had not slowed since the snow.

If you want a great inshore redfish fishing trip, give me a call at 910-264-1807.  Winter Rates are in full effect !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Capt. Robert Schoonmaker                     910-264-1807           

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Carolina Explorer 1-4 fishing report. Make your New Years REDFISH RESOLUTION!!!!! We are catching lots of redfish. WINTER RATES IN FULL EFFECT!!!!!!!

January 4th, 2011 by Capt. Robert Schoonmaker | Comments Off

Happy New Year too everyone. Thanks for reading the report. I ended the year and started the new year, just the way I like it.  Putting my clients on plenty of redfish and having way too much fun.  All the fish have been caught on artificial lures, mostly zoom baby flukes in dark patterns, gulp alive shrimp and pogies, and strikeking glass minnows.  Remember to fish super slow and if you think your fishing slow, slow down a little bit more.  The fish are cold just like us.  Lots of double digit days and nice slot sized fish.  If I can help you and your family with a great fishing trip give me a call 910-264-1807.  Come on and get some.  REMEMBER WINTER RATES IN FULL EFFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cass with a great carolina beach redfish. We sight casted to these fish for over an hour.

Matthew with a nice CB redfish.  He sight casted to this one as well.  I can not explain the fun in seeing the fish you are about to catch. It gets me worked up….

Cass and Matthew with a nice pair of redfish, again we saw them and caught them.  What a way to bring in the new year, father and son fun!!!!!

Darlene with a big smile and slot redfish.  She caught plenty, you can tell just by the expression on her face. 

Bill is a big man, with a big redfish.  Darlene put it on him as far as numbers, he made up for it on the size of his fish..

I was scared to death on this trip.  Three 13yr olds charter me for a birthday fishing trip.  I was praying that no one got hooked, including yours truley.  Robert, Danny, and Laurain caught lots of nice redfish, all on lures.  I could not beleive it, they were great fishermen and women. A solid double digit day with these young anglers.  I would be glad to guide them anytime.

Robert with a nice red, a great fisherman way beyond his years.

Laurain with her big red.  Look at that smile.  Her and her brother Robert having a great time.  Laurain, remember to wear better shoes.

This is Danny, Robert and Laurains cousin from Calilfornia.  All they wanted is for him to catch fish and have a good time.  Mission accomplished. 

Went scouting with Matt from the JayBird… I put him on my secret mullet spot.  This catch even surprised me… Gulp alive, it even catches bait….

Matt with a upper slot redfish.  Another solid double digit day.

I get to catch a nice one too.  Give me a call and lets go catch a lot of redfish, and have a blast at the same time…  A good day on the water is better than a great day at work.  Call me now 910-264-1807!!!!!!!!!!!

Dwayne with one of several nice redfish. Ernie caught some too…,  He just didn’t want his picture taken.  At least Ernie didn’t hook him in the arm this time.

As you can see, plenty of fish and lots of fun.  Come on down and book you winter redfish trip today.  WINTER RATES IN FULL EFFECT CALL ME TODAY 910-264-1807.

Thanks for reading the report.

Capt. Robert Schoonmaker              910-264-1807    

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