Carolina Explorer 4-17 Report: Inshore or Coastal we are catching Redfish, Black Drum, Bluefish, Trout, Spanish Mackerel, and a few Sharks!!!

April 17th, 2012 by Capt. Robert Schoonmaker | Comments Off

Hello everyone!! The spring fishing is going great, we are having plenty of action.  The action for the red fish has been steady, we are catching the Red fish on lures and bait.  The reds are biting on Gulp, strike king minnows, mud minnows, and shrimp.  The fish are starting to look up, so that means the top water and crank bait bite will get better with the improving weather and water temps.  The flounder are holding in the deep holes in the creeks and around the inlets. Jigs slow rolled along the bottom and live baits have been catching the flounders. A few trout are in the mix as well, mirro-lures, gulp, and live minnows are taking few of the specks over the shell bottom areas in the creeks and inlets.  The black drum are biting around the docks and rock piles in the river. Off the coast the blues and Spanish have been biting spoons and jigs over the rock piles and wrecks. Bottom Fishing off the coast has produced grey trout, sea bass, ring tails, croaker, and whiting on fresh shrimp.  No matter what you want to do, we are catching fish and having a great time on the water.  Give me a call at 910-264-1807 and book your fishing adventure Today!!!!

The Sheldon family with a nice catch of Black drum, Whiting, and Grey trout.  A great family fishing adventure.

Alex with the biggest fish she has ever caught, a nice 4lb black drum. Her first fishing trip in her life. A great fisher woman.

Isiah with a Grey trout caught on a jig. Both Alex and Isiah caught fish on jigs as well as bait.  Just a great family fishing trip and learning experience for the kids and myself.

Todd and Doug had fished with me two days. We worked hard during the cold front and caught a few fish. Todd had his first inshore slam ever, a trout, red fish and flounder.  He added a trophy bluefish to his tally as well.  We sight casted to the blue on the flats.   A trip and fish of a life time. See you in the fall, Thanks again.

Quinton from Atlanta with a nice 12lb black drum weighed on the boga-grip.  Lots of fun on light tackle.

Danny and Luke with a nice catch of blues, trout, ring tails and croaker.  A nice father and son fishing trip. Good to fish with old friends.

Tony with a upper solt sized red drum caught on shrimp.

Laurie with a nice red drum caught on shrimp. Her biggest fish ever.  She also landed a few more reds and black drum.

Katie with a nice grey trout caught on mullet.

Susan with a big grey trout, this one went over 4lbs and caught on mullet.

Al and his son enjoyed a great father and son fishing trip with black drum and blue fish. 

Micheal and Christie with a great Mother and son fishing trip.  They caught some really nice whiting, a few grey trout, and a nice shark.

Micheal with his shark. Man was he pumped!!! This was not a dog fish shark, this one had teeth and was ready to bite….

Christy with a nice sized whiting. Lots of family fun in the sun…

Nathan with a nice bluefish he jigged up over one of the coastal rock piles.  It is a blast to catch fish casting lures and feeling the strike..

As you can see the fishing is great and will only continue to get better with more flounder and Spanish mackerel showing up.  The Cobia and Kings will be here as soon as the water gets into the upper 60′s.  Call Today and book your family fishing adventure 910-264-1807!!!


Capt. Robert Schoonmaker                              910-264-1807                   

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Carolina Explorer Fishing Report 4-3-12: No these are not my lottery numbers, just the date of my fishing report. Redfish, trout, flounder, blues and lots of whiting!!!!

April 3rd, 2012 by Capt. Robert Schoonmaker | Comments Off

April fishing is going strong. We have been catching Redfish, Black drum, a few flounder and trout, and lots of whiting.  The bluefish and spanish mackerel are showing up and will be here in great numbers in the next few weeks. The warm weather has got the fish on the move and showing up early.  We are catching the Redfish on Gulp pogies, Strike King minnows, and D.O.A paddle tails. We are using Pro-Cure scents on the lures to attract the slow to bite fish.  When all else fails we can throw a few minnows and shrimp to boost the numbers and catch ratio.  We have been catching a few black drum, trout and flounder when fishing for the reds. This action will only get better into the early summer.  The whiting have been biting on a regular basis. These hard fighting, great tasting fish will be here for a few more weeks.  The bluefish and a few spanish are showing up off the coast on a daily basis. In the next few weeks this action will be off the Hook!!!!  Give me a call and I will be gald to show you and your family a great fishing trip 910-264-1807!!  Now is the time to enjoy this nice weather and hot fishing action.

Sam with a nice red.  We had a blast with the whiting, and caught a few reds later in the day.

Sam and Gerald with a nice catch of whiting and a keeper red drum. These boys fished with me two days and had plenty of action and fun. See you soon..

Ryan, Dillon, Kelly and Shelby with a great family fishing trip. Shelby wanted to go fishing with her dad, and I am glad she did.. She caught over half of the fish and had a blast.

Shelby with on of several citation sized whiting she caught all by herself. A true fisherwoman in the making. 

John Kim with one of several nice reds he landed on a cool windy day. We also caught a few black drum and whiting to fill the cooler.

Tim, Ashley, John and Kelly with a great afternoon of whiting fishing. These guys had a blast and went home with some good eating filets.

James with a nice 25inch redfish landed on a strike king minnow and the secret sauce. One of several reds we landed before we slayed the whiting in the river.

Shawn and Holly with a nice afternoon catch of whiting.  I can smell them cooking in the grease right now..

John  with a small redfish he landed along with some black drum.. Great day on the water. Look foward to reading the section about fishing the Cape Fear  in your new book.

The Meaney family with a few whiting for dinner.  We also had a blast catching sharks and stingrays.

Evan with a big Smooth Skin dogfish shark. One of the biggest I have ever seen.

The Wade family with redfish, black drum and whiting. All the makings of a great family fishing trip.

Steph with one of her black drum….

J.D. and Stuart with the best catch of whiting I have had so far this year.  115 nice fish and lots of throw backs. 

Mike and his son with a great catch of whiting..

Young Metcalf with a double of nice whiting…

Ilene with a nice mid size redfish…  She had a blast and is ready to come back fishing in the early summer..

Folks the fishing is getting better and will remain strong into the summer.  If you want to catch fish and have fun with your friends and family give me a call 910-264-1807. 

Thanks for reading the report,

Capt. Robert Schoonmaker          910-264-1807

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