CarolinaExplorer 1-29 fishing report: Winter fishing is still strong. Lots of redfish, black drum, and a few trout.

January 29th, 2013 by Capt. Robert Schoonmaker | Comments Off

Hello everyone. We are having a crazy NC winter. It will be hot then super cold then mild then cold, you know the story.  Anyway during all of this we have been catching redfish, black drum, and a few trout. Most of the fish are being caught on berkly gulp shrimp with a 3/8 ounce jighead. Color does not seem to matter, but I have been using a lot of white. Dead shrimp has also produced  lots of fish as well. Come on down and get in on this great winter fishery. No matter you skill level, we can catch fish and have a nice day on the water. Give me a call at 910-264-1807, we will look at the weather and tides and pick the best day for your trip.

Buzz Parker with a nice redfish and black drum. Caught on berkly Gulp shrimp.

Buzz with a flounder.. A cold winter flounder. He still hit a gulp.

Buzz with a nice speckled trout. Caught again on Gulp… That completed his Cape Fear Super Slam of Redfish, Black drum, flounder, and trout all in one day of fishing.  We boated lots of redfish this day as well.

Casie with a nice black drum she landed on fresh shrimp. She went on to catch lots of redfish as well.

Cassies brother-n-law with a 24inch redfish he landed on Gulp. This was on one of the warm days. We all love t-shirts in January.

Casie’s dad with a nice black drum. Lots of fun in the winter Carolina Beach sun…

Casie with a nice redfish.  She slayed the fish.

Matt and Brittney in a romantic red fish pose. How sweet!!

My buddy Dave holding a winter redfish. Dave, John and Larry fish with me several times this  year. This was Daves day. He put a hurting on the fish population.

Preston struggling to hold up this monster of a redfish,  not really but we still had a blast.  It was cold and cloudy but we managed to catch a few reds and have a fun day on the water.

At first we though this was a dog, when we got close it became a huge red fox. One of the biggest I have ever seen. He was shell combing on the backside of Bald Head Island.

The pic is blury, It is a tag in one of the several redfish that Buzz Parker landed during his day of fishing. I can’t wait to see where he came from.

Full moon pic from Jan. 24. Calm night just before going trout fishing on the beach. You have to love winter night fishing to understand.

If I can help you or your family/friends with a great fishing trip, Give me a call at 910-264-1807.

Thanks for reading the report,

Capt. Robert Schoonmaker


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CarolinaExplorer fishing report 1-13: Great Inshore Action with Plenty of Red Drum, Black drum, and a few trout. Plenty of Action!!

January 6th, 2013 by Capt. Robert Schoonmaker | Comments Off

Happy New Year!! Inshore we have been catching lots of red drum with plenty in the slot limit. All trips seeing double digit days on the reds. The red fish have been biting soft plastics (Gulp alive shrimp, and strike king minnow) on 3/8 jig heads or bait.  Bottom fishing with a Carolina rig using shrimp, cut mullet, or mud minnow is a great way to catch the winter reds.  Lots of fun and great action on light tackle. We have been landing reds on the fly rod as well.  Tipping the fly with heavy sent and fishing slow has produced plenty of action for those want to catch red fish on the fly. Just great winter fishing and a typical winter pattern.  Give me a Call at 910-264-1807 and I will answer any questions before you book your trip.  We will pick the best tides and weather for your day of fishing. Call and Book your trip today 910-264-1807!!!

Matt Hooked  up to a nice Carolina Beach red fish.

Matt’s red fish landed on a gulp alive shrimp in new penny color.

This is the first stripped bass I have ever landed in the creeks behind fort fisher.  Clay landed this fish on a fresh shrimp.

Mitch, Ben and Clay with a triple header on nice red drum.  Great family fishing trip with the boys and their dad Vaughn.

Clay and Ben with a nice Black drum that fell for a piece of fresh shrimp.

Ben with a red drum that is as big as him. This boy can fish.

Mitch with the money fish. A nice 29 inch winter red drum. Way to go Mitch.

Ben and Mitch with a nice double on slot sized red fish.

One of Ed Roberts crew landing upper sized winter red fish.

This was the first fish he has ever landed in his life. Way to go!!

Ed and Crew with a triple on red fish and black drum.

Daniel and Michelle with a double on black drum.  Lots of action and family fun.

Daniel and Jeffry with a double on winter redfish.  Jeff landed the money fish of the trip.  Great family fun.

Wes with a Carolina Beach red fish he landed on the fly rod. He landed several reds on the fly and spinning gear.

Red fish and the fly that fooled him.

Ware and his nice red. He and Wes landed lots of red fish on this great father and son fishing trip.

The winter red drum fishing has been hot. Lots of action with all trips seeing double digit days without a problem. If you, your friends, or family want to get in on this hot winter fishing action, Give me a Call at 910-264-1807.


Capt. Robert Schoonmaker


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