CarolinaExplorer Fishing Charters 5/5 fishing report: Great Inshore action with Red drum, Black drum, a few flounder and trout. Call 910-264-1807 and book your fishing charter today!

May 5th, 2013 by Capt. Robert Schoonmaker | Comments Off

Hello everyone.  We have been catching fish and having fun over the past few weeks.  The inshore action for red drum, black drum, and a few flounder and trout has been great. The reds are biting gulp baits on 3/8 oz. jig heads and rigged weedless. Just work them slow and keep contact with the bottom. We have been using fresh shrimp, cut mullet, and live mud minnows as well for the reds and black. The flounder have been hitting the jigs and live minnow as well. The trout have been hitting jigs with jerk baits and paddle tail grubs. The whiting bite is slowing down in the river with the rising water temps. Lots of small croakers and other bait stealer’s. The blue fish are starting to bite around the inlets and in the ocean. The only problem is having weather calm enough to get into the ocean. By Tuesday 5/7 or Wednesday 5/8 the weather is going to break and we should return to a normal spring weather pattern, thank goodness. Now is the time to start planning your Summer fishing charters. Give me a call at 910-264-1807 if you have questions or would like to book your Inshore or Coastal fishing charter.

Ernie with a nice over slot red fish that hit a piece of fresh shrimp on a Carolina rig. We had an awesome day of fishing releasing solid double digits of slot sized fish.

Dwyane Sumner with another solid upper slot sized fish. Glad Ernie didn’t hook you this time. See you guys soon.

Leo with a nice black drum that hit a piece of blue crab. We landed this nice fish and a few reds, then went into the river and caught some whiting.

Sherry with a nice red drum she landed on a mud minnow. We had lots of action and plenty of fun.

Steve with a nice red he landed on a gulp shrimp. It was super windy, but he and sherry had a great fishing trip.

Steve and Sherry kicked back and catching fish.  A great way to relax and enjoy a nice day on the water.

Alley with a nice red she landed on a piece of shrimp. This was another double digit day of nice fish.

Berkley, won’t forget that name, with a nice upper slot red fish.

Berkley and Alley doubling on reds. Double trouble.

Berkley and Alley hanging out, catching fish and enjoying a quiet day on the water. Hey guys I am waiting on your pics and videos of the trip.

Shane with a slot sized red, one of several he landed.

Sandra with another slot sized red of her own.

Double trouble. Sandra and Shane hooked up and landed this double red fish bonanza. Lots of action and fun.

Peggy with upper slot sized red fish.  Sorry Ralph, I didn’t have a picture of you holding one, even though we caught plenty.

This is a red fish Ralph caught with out a spot on either side of its tail.

Mona with a small red fish. He was a hard fighter for his size. We caught plenty of fish this day, but they were mostly small and fun.

Mona giving Doug heck. Telling him she was putting on a seminar on how to catch reds. Doug said he was just happy watching her catch fish.

Doug with a barely keeper flounder he landed on a white grub. He later went on to catch a few small reds as well.

As you can see we are catching fish and having fun. No matter your skill level, you will catch fish. The weather is warming up in the next few days. This means more minnows and the top water bite will be getting HOT!! The trout fishing will improve and the flounders will start coming in. Give me a call at 910-264-1807 and we will plan your next fishing adventure.

Thanks for reading the report,

Capt. Robert Schoonmaker


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CarolinaExplorer 4-17 fishing report: Red drum, black drum, lots of whiting, puffers, and various others!! Call and Book your fishing charter today 910-264-1807!!

April 17th, 2013 by Capt. Robert Schoonmaker | Comments Off

Hello everyone. The spring weather has finally arrived and the fish are biting. We are catching red drum and black drum on fresh shrimp or mud minnows. You can catch them on jigs with gulp shrimp or jerk baits rigged weedless. There have been a few trout and flounder around as well. The whiting bite has been great in the river. Lots of fish and fun. They have been biting fresh shrimp and worms fished on double hook rigs on the bottom. Look for the boats and anchor up. A few bluefish and grey trout are biting as well. Now is a great time to book your inshore of coastal fishing charter for spring or summer, Give me a call at 910-264-1807.

Chris with a 19inch red that fell for a piece of dead shrimp on a carolina rig. One of several he landed on this trip.

Mark with a nice 24inch red that hit a dead shrimp on a carolina rig. He won the bet for biggest fish.

Greg with  a nice 26inch red that fell for the seafood buffet rig.

John with a 22inch red that hit the seafood buffet rig. We all like eating at the buffet.

Brian put another keeper in the boat. Lots of fun in the Carolina Sun.

Greg with a nice black drum that hit fresh shrimp.

Toby and Greg doubling on reds.  Great day on the water.

Ellan with a double on whiting.

Allen with a double on puffers… Chicken of the sea.

The Kook family with a nice catch of whiting.  The kids also caught sharks and puffers. Lots of family fun.

Larry, Brian and John with the keeper fish they landed. Lots of red fish this day, small ones and keepers.

Deana Jackson and family with a great catch of whiting. This was a nice way to spend her birthday.

Patt and Ken with a table full of whiting and puffers. We also landed several reds, but they were too small to keep.

Day two with Patt and Ken. We slayed the whiting again and had a few keeper black drum and a keeper red drum. We released several smaller reds.

Three generation catching fish and having fun.  A wonderful fishing trip with the Juhl family.

Ellan and Allen with a table full of whiting and puffers. I cut Allens head out of the picture because I was yelling at a pelican trying to steal a fish in the lower left corner of the picture. You and see his beak and fish in its mouth.

As you can see the fish are biting and the weather is nice. Now is a great time to plan you Spring or Summer fishing charters. Give me a call at 910-264-1807 and book your trip today!!


Capt. Robert Schoonmaker


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