Tight Lines Or A Buck In Your Scope

October 31st, 2005 by Gillwetter Press | Comments Off

Hi folks Capt. David Baxley – Headhunter Outdoors with this weeks outdoors report. In the near future I will be interviewing one of our local wildlife officers and will try to pass on some great info for our local sportsmen and women. The next hunter safety course will be held on Dec.12-14. Contact NCWRC Officer Doug Jones at 910-270-1042 for more info.
All you duck hunters its time to get your mess together!! Get the boat cleaned up and get it running right. Check your waders for leaks and touch up those decoys. Season comes in on Nov.11 till Dec.3. On a lighter note, I finally one-upped my buddy that I wrote about in last week’s column but I can’t rub it in cause he’s gone to Montana for 10 days. That’s O.K. because I got a 165lb. 7 point buck on Saturday and I’ll show him when he gets back. Remember to send some pictures of your fish or game to me or the Gill Wetter and we will try to put them on the outdoors page. Well that’s for this week so here’s hoping all ya’ll tight lines or a buck in your scope.
Capt. David Baxley – Headhunter Outdoors 910-329-0818, hhti130@aol.com


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Check The Marine Forecast First

October 25th, 2005 by Gillwetter Press | Comments Off

Hello folks Capt. David Baxley with this fishing report. The recent strom dumped a lot of rain on us and it has slowed the bite and made it tough for us and the fish. The water is dirty and muddy but the fish are still here and will bite.
The spots are here and are being caught on the pier and beaches. Reds are running the surf and a lot of slot size and overslot fish are being caught. There are some trout running the beach and flounder are biting as well. Early morning and late evening are the best time for them. Some decent trout and drum are around the dredge dock on the south end and specks and flounder are at the swing bridge. Some folks at the park beside the swing bridge were tearing up the spots this weekend. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.GO FISHING!!
Offshore has been rough lately and everyone who goes out comes back in because its just plain rough outside. One thing I would like to stress is safety and common sense. Check with the national weather service in Wilmington for a marine forecast and use your head. A small craft advisory or warning is for vessels 60ft and under. Look before committing to go out the inlet, if it looks bad it probably is! Breakers all the way across the inlet is a danger sign. Think! It’s not worth the risk to you ,your passengers,or your boat.If you dont have a marine radio ,get one. You can get a good handheld for about a hundred bucks and the have a weather channel. If you’re wondering why I’m writing about this the local news had a story on a boat in Carolina beach inlet that capsized and one person was killed. Please be safe on the water ,it could be my life or yours that we save. Capt. David Baxley – Headhunter Outdoors (910) 329-0818

(pictured above) Dan Agro and Capt. David Baxley with Dan’s 6 lb. door mat.

(pictured above) George Nichols “behind the camera” and crew with a mess of spot tails and blue fish caught while fishing with HeadHunter Charters.

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