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Captain David Baxley
Headhunter Outdoors
Surf City, Topsail Island, NC
(910) 329-0818

Hi folks, Capt. David here with this weeks outdoors report. The fishing is still pretty good in the surf now with a lot of Red drum and Speckled trout biting. I’ve heard of people catching them on live bait, cut bait, and artificials. The main thing seems to be fishing! Right now the fish are biting from one end of the island to the other. Try and find a sandbar just out from the beach and fish on top of the bar. The best time to look for a likely spot is to cruise the beach at low tide and look for waves breaking out in the water away from the shore break. Birds working is another good way to find fish. A lot of time the fish are feeding on bait in the water and are forcing the bait to the top where the birds can get at them too. Cast a bait out into a feeding school and who knows what you might catch. Remember to stay within the size and creel limits too. The Marine fisheries guys really don’t want to write you a ticket and ruin your fishing trip. Catch and release is also a good practice and it will keep you out of trouble. Oh don’t forget your camera for that big one either.

The sound is still doing ok on the Drum and trout, Just find some dark bottom and fish during the heat of the day. The dark bottom will warm up the surrounding water and get the fish moving and feeding. If you fish artificials just remember to slow down a little, cold fish are slow even when feeding in cold water. The number one thing to remember is that you ain’t gonna catch fish if you ain’t fishin’!
On the hunting side let me tell you a story! You folks remember me tell you about my buddy that I helped get back into bow hunting. Well he called me Friday night to tell me he had just tagged his fifth deer of the season. It was an old spike buck but any deer with a bow is special. It’s a primal thing I guess? I reckon I created a monster in that boy but hey it’s all good!

hunting-first-deer-10-25-06-007.jpg On another note my little buddy Wayland Batson has been at it again as well. He and his dad went hunting last week up around Clinton and he got another deer and a 4 piont buck to boot. His dad is trying to say he shot the deer too but I know who got him! They also got a doe and some of the other members of their party were successful as well.
I went duck hunting over the holiday with Leon Phelps and a friend from western N.C. and we did okay for the early season. we got a few Buffleheads and a ring-neck. We say quite a few birds and we were nice enough to give them a warning shot to let them know where we were to make it sporting. Honestly we just missed those birds. I think those birds are getting kevlar feathers at the base on their way through.
Well thats about it for the week so take a kid with you and be safe while you’re out there folks. Happy Holidays! Capt. David.

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