Topsail & Surf City Outdoors-Fishing Report 11-8-09

December 8th, 2009 by Gillwetter Press

Hi folks, Capt. David here with the outdoors report. The fishing has slowed way down but a few fish are still biting.

The surf water is around 61 degrees and the sound is a couple off degrees warmer. There are still some Red and Black drum in the surf along with some Whiting. A Speck is always a possibility too.

Back in the sound the specks are around the swing bridge and at the dredge dock on the south end.

I’ve heard that Topsail creek is a good spot too.

Offshore the fishing has moved on out to the 25-30 mile range but is still good when you can get out. These fast moving cold fronts this time of the year can make it get nasty in a hurry, so be careful and be sure of the weather forecast.

I’m sorry about the last few weeks and missing my column deadline but between computer problems, family obligations, and hunting trips out of state, I’ve had a rough time lately. Some of my faithful readers have called to see if I’m still alive!

On the hunting side, Deer season is still in and some great deer have been taken locally too. I’ve got a couple but I’ve let a lot walk too. It’s not about the meat or horns anymore for me, It’s the experience! You old guys know what I mean. Duck season just went out but will come back in on Dec 19th till Jan 30th. I’ve seen a few birds on the sound and even shot a couple. Maybe we will have one of those winters the will bring some ducks down here. One thing that I would like to stress is wear a life jacket in the boat. Number one, you can’t swim very well when you look like the Michelin man and number two, Hypothermia will kill you in a short amount of time in cold water. Add wet clothes, even if you can get out of the water and you are in a heap of trouble! I would rather but an old duck hunter than a bold duck hunter! Most all other game animals are in season, so take the kids squirrel or rabbit hunting. Also Christmas is almost upon us. Leave the Bass Pro catalog or the Cabelas in strategic places and leave it open to the page you want. Now circle or underline the product you want and write wishlist on it. It’s just like trapping folks. You have to bait the trap for it to pay off! Well till next week, be safe and take a kid with you!

Capt. David
Headhunter Outdoors
(910) 329-0818

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