Topsail & Surf City Outdoors-Fishing Report 1-5-10

January 5th, 2010 by Gillwetter Press

Hi folks, Capt. David here with the first outdoors report of 2010. The water temps are in the mid to low 50′s and the fish ain’t biting much. When the temperature gets low most fish won’t feed until the water warms a little. It may only take a couple off degrees to turn them on but it still is a slow bite. Some Trout are biting and the Big Reds are on the inlet bars. Cut bait seems to be the bait for the Reds and Mirro-lures for Specks. Folks, only the hardcore go fishing this time of the year. Deer season is out now till next September. Duck season is in till the end of the month and the birds are showing up. Most of them have been on the freshwater but hopefully this cold weather will freeze them up and push the ducks to the sound.

On another note, now is the time to start getting ready for fishing season. Take the batteries out of your boat, charge them up, and put them in a warm place till spring. Cold weather will kill a battery in a heartbeat! Pull the bilge plugs, then put some fuel stabilizer in the tank and run it for a few minutes. If you had a problem with your boat now is the time to take it to the shop. Most shops ain’t busy now because folks don’t worry about it till spring when they put it in the water and it don’t run right. Then they want it fixed immediately! It’s also a good time to catch closeout sales on sporting goods. Boat shows and fishing seminars will be going on as well as other outdoor related shows. Don’t worry folks, it won’t be but a couple off months till things start biting again. Till next week, stay warm and be safe.

Capt. David
Headhunter Outdoors
(910) 329-0818

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