Topsail & Surf City Outdoors-Fishing Report 1-17-11

January 17th, 2011 by Gillwetter Press

Hi Folks, Capt. David here with this weeks outdoors report. The fishing is pretty much dead now but that ain’t to say you can’t catch a fish. The water temps are in the mid 40′s and the fish are just as cold as we are. Trout and Red Drum are in the surf but the speck fishery is closed. That means you can’t keep anything. The cold weather we have had has cold stunned a lot of fish and they are having a hard time surviving. Around here we tend to think of Trout as a cold weather fish but they are a warm water species and they can’t tolerate the cold as well as the Drum. Now is the time of the year to get everything ready for fishing season. Get your reels cleaned and respooled with fresh line. Change those old rusty hooks on lures. Take the boat to the shop for a little maintenance and check out the wheel bearings on the trailer too while you are at it. You don’t want to be the guy you were laughing at last year on the side of the road. Oh by the way, learn how to back a trailer if you are not proficient at it. Go to a large parking lot and practice.

On the hunting side, small game and Duck season is still in and there are some birds around. The N.E.Cape Fear is loaded with woodies as well as the beaver ponds and swamps. Lots of birds are sitting in the middle of the New River, rafted up where you can’t get at them. Bluebills,a few Redheads,and some Teal make up the majority of the birds.

The Cape Fear Wildlife Expo is coming up in March on the 18th-20th. It’s a great show so you better plan to attend. There will be something for all ages GUARANTEED! Lots of exhibitors, demo’s and interactive stuff. This show has gotten bigger each year so it will be great this year. Get online and check it out at for all the details. If anybody is interested I will be having a fishing seminar at Eastern Outfitters before long, so stop in and get your name on the sign up sheet. When enough folks sign up we will announce the date and call everyone who signed up. I promise a good time with lots of good info. Well thats it for this week so be safe and take a kid with you!

Capt. David
Headhunter Outdoors
(910) 329-0818

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