Topsail & Surf City Outdoors-Fishing Report 1-31-11

January 31st, 2011 by Gillwetter Press

Hi folks, Capt. David here with this weeks outdoors report. The fishing in the sound is still slow as molasses with the water temp’s in the mid to upper 40′s. The surf has some schools of Reds running up and down the beach in the surf zone.If you want to target them you can do it one of two ways. Pick a spot on the beach and sit and wait or get the boat out and try some full contact,no holds barred combat fishing! What I’m talking about is running the beach just outside the breakers and look for the fish. This time of the year the Reds school up and I’ve seen 500 fish schools before. Now this type of fishing is not for the faint of heart or beginners. It requires two people and only one fishes at a time. One on the front of the boat and one driving. Run the beach and watch the backs of the waves for the fish. You might see a flash or a big dark spot in the water,but you will know when you find them. The boat pilot needs to ease up to within casting range so the angler can reach the fish while paying real close attention to the waves. One small mistake and you and the boat are on the beach. If the angler hooks up,the pilot needs to back away from the beach a safe distance and let the angler fight the fish. Now trade places and do it again. Gulp baits on a jig head will work just about every time but any jig fished slow and bounced along the bottom will work. While the angler is fighting the fish the pilot should try to keep eye contact with the school. Warn each other as to any waves coming that might catch you off balance because falling in the boat can hurt but falling in the water really sucks when its 45 degree’s! Good places to start looking are the inlet bars and work down the beach slowly. Like I said when you see them you will know. Watch the weather and pick your days carefully. You want no waves to speak of and the water this time of the year is crystal clear so visibility is is usually not a problem. Don’t worry though spring ain’t far away. On the hunting side,Duck season is out so the only game going is small game! Here’s a good one to try with the kids,Squirrel hunting. You remember all the squirrels that aggravated the heck out of you during deer season? Sitting in a stand all still and quiet,waiting and watching patiently. Then you hear a noise coming though the woods,sounds like footsteps,your heart starts pumping a little faster. It’s getting closer and closer,you strain to get a glimpse. Then all of the sudden out pops a squirrel. Heck I’ve had 10 or 12 playing around me in a stand. I’ve tried to thin them out a little since deer season went out but you can’t get them all. Anyway It’s a great way to teach the kids about hunting and woodsmanship. Not to mention a mess of fried squirrel and gravy to boot! A friend of mine who is a professional outdoors writer wrote an article a while back about another grand slam for hunters to persue. The squirrel grand slam! We have three varieties in North Carolina. The Gray,Fox and Red squirrel. Fox and Gray squirrels are plentiful in eastern NC but you have to go to the mountains to get a Red or Boomer as the folks call them. The northwest corner of the state,up around Ashe and Allegany counties have all three making it easy to get a slam. well thats about it for this week,so be safe and take a kid with you! 

Capt. David
Headhunter Outdoors
(910) 329-0818

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