Fishing Report Deep Jigging 2-20-2010

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Wow what a difference a week makes. Last Sat I was making snowmen in the front yard and this Sat headed off shore in flat seas a 50 degrees. Ran 37 mph all the way to the break and lines in the water at 7:15 1st drift immediate multiple hooks ups with nice AJs and by 8:15 most of the guys were too tired to drop again. For those that have caught AJs in NC I know it is hard to believe but the water is much cooler and the 50 lb fish fight like they are on steroids. These fish are fighting 10 times harder this time of year. We found a great class of fish for the spring and actually landed a fish close to 80 lbs and a lot of fish in the 40 to 60 lb range. By 8:30 we left the AJs looking for something else off shore. Worked the 200 foot area and got wiped out by large sharks again. Moved out to deep water to find Tuna and caught 3 nice Blackfin 2 fish around 30 lbs. Also caught plenty of AJs, Almacos, Banded Rudders and Bonita. This was a none stop action trip and with 5 anglers landed over 150 Jacks (this is conservative) Most drifts everyone could hook up provided you wanted to drop your jig. We didn’t find the Africans but another buddy had a couple. At the end of the day we ran to a different area looking for tuna with no luck but ended the day with a double header of 250 lb sharks and the guys had enough. Sorry the captain had technical difficulty at the end of the day a deleted most of the great pictures on the camera.

Captain Mike Jackson
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