ProFishNC Charters Spring Fishing Update 3/27/2014 (Fishing Wilmington, Topsail, Carolina & Wrigthsville Beach)

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ProFishNC Charters Spring Fishing Update 3/27/2014

Well, currently it remains COLD here in SE NC (as I am writing this report its is in the 30′s); however, that will change in the next week with a steady forecast of 70’s coming. Our water temperatures here in Wilmington, Topsail, Figure Eight, Carolina & Wrightsville Beach are still hovering in the low 50’s but that’s not stopping us from finding the fish.

Lets start with our Topsail Beach Fishing Charters Report: The water is still cold and the fish are still lethargic; however, there are Red Drum holding off the beach and in the docks. Not very active right now… but they are there. We are also seeing smaller speckled trout and black drum in the backwaters that are feeding. Trout on Berkley Gulp and Black Drum on cut shrimp in the pilings. Offshore Fishing Topsail Island black seabass, tautog and dogfish sharks are still plentiful in the 2-10 mile range off the beach.

Wilmington Fishing Charters and the Cape Fear River Fishery. This time of year we are still catching good numbers of Striped Bass in the NE Cape Fear River and Brunswick River. They are falling for finesse baits and Berkley Gulp on a weighted hook or jig head. Focusing on the drop-offs, old pilings and docks (remember, the slower the presentation the better!).

Our Carolina Beach Fishing Charters are providing multiple fishing options due to the accessibility of the Cape Fear River via Snows Cut. Depending on the rain water influence, many of our Carolina Beach Charters are being run in the Cape Fear River right now. We are running many of our fishing charters north up the Cape Fear River and catching Striped Bass, Speckled Trout and Black Drum. On those days that the river is “washed out” we are fishing the inlet and running north to Wrightsville Beach to fish the Jetties and near shore structures.

Wrightsville Beach NC Fishing Charters remain one of our best options this time of year due to the accessibility of the Masonboro Inlet Jetties. For the next two weeks I prefer fishing offshore Wrightsville Beach (at least until the water temps warm a little more) on the nearshore wrecks, ledges and hard-bottom. We are still catching good numbers of Black Seabass, Tautog and Sharks using mullet and scented artificial baits. Note: For all local beach fishing communities the inshore fishing should pick up by mid April with good numbers of trout, flounder and drum feeding on the newly arriving baitfish.

Our Figure Eight Island Fishing Charters are picking up as well with many clients utilizing our complementary dock pick-up. We are running most of our Figure Eight Charters south to Wrightsville Beach or North to Lea Island chasing the schools of Red Drum holding in the surf. It will be no time till the Inshore Fishing at Figure 8 Island will be ON FIRE!

We are booking up Quickly this year for our Summer Fishing Charters so be sure to reserve your fishing charter dates as soon as possible.
Check out our NC Fishing Charter options at and hope to see you on the water this year!

Capt. Trevor Smith
ProFishNC Charters
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ProFishNC Charters March Fishing Report-Wilmington, Wrightsville, Topsail & Carolina Beach

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ProFishNC Charters March Fishing Report:  Black Seabass Fishing continues to be non-stop action & the HOT TICKET!

As Spring is upon us and the waters warm the baitfish will show in greater numbers along with the Gamefish!  Currently, our Black SeabassWater Temps at Topsail Beach, Wrightsville Beach, Carolina Beach, Wilmington & Figure Eight Island NC are between 48 & 52 degrees.   This winter has been unseasonably cold and is having and influence on the water temps; however, on those consecutive warmer days the water temps do rise a few degrees!

Inshore Fishing: With water temps still cold, producing cooler busting inshore fishing trips this time of year can be a little tricky with some days being more productive than others.   We can chase Red Drum this time of year in the shallow waters where we will find them warming up and “sunning”, the Black Drum are in the creeks and deeper water spots, there are smaller sheepshead and tautog around rock-piles and pilings.  It will be only a matter of days – a few weeks when we will see some of the Larger Speckled Trout showing up for some fun catch and release action.

Nearshore Fishing:  Fishing the offshore/ nearshore structure continues to be the most productive fishery right now…  (I LOVE bottom fishing this time of year due to the action it provides!)   The HOT GreeneyeBITE right now is none only than the delicious Black Seabass.   We are catching limits in the 2 – 10 mile range right now fishing with both mullet on bottom rigs, vertical jigs & finesse baits on jig-heads.   We are also catching TONS of Smooth and Spiny Dogfish a/k/a “Green-Eyes”…  These guys are a blast to catch on light tackle!

*Remember:  Black Seabass are currently OPEN TO KEEP (in recent years past they have been catch and release only this time of year) & Speckled Trout are catch and release until June 15th!

The most important report to date… ProFishNC Charters welcomed baby Hadley Maria Smith into our family a few weeks ago!   I couldn’t be a prouder daddy!!!!   I know she will be the best Fisherman the East Coast has ever seen!

Our All Inclusive Fishing Charters covers most area SE NC Beaches including:

Topsail Island Fishing Charters

Carolina Beach Fishing Charters

Wrightsville Beach Fishing Charters

Figure Eight Island Fishing Charters

Wilmington, NC Fishing Charters

Give me a call or e-mail anytime and LETS GO Fishin’!

Capt. Trevor Smith

ProFishNC Charters

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