Sept & October Fishing Report For Topsail & Wrightsville Beach, NC (ProFishNC Charters)

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ProFishNC Charters Fishing Report (Sept & Oct) for Topsail Beach, Wrightsville Beach, Wilmington & Figure Eight Island (Fall Fishing is Here! + September Fishing Recap & Fishing Forecast).

Father/ Daughter Fishing Trip!

Father/ Daughter F. Albacore Fishing Trip!

September Fishing Recap: Topsail Beach, Wrightsville Beach and Figure Eight Island Fishing summary.

September fishing has come and gone…
Nearshore Fishing: What a GREAT Month for nearshore fishing charters! We were able to catch Boat Limits of Grey Trout almost every trip along with lots of Offshore Flounder in the 3-6 pound range. We also did very well with Spanish Mackerel, F. Albacore & Sharks including some nice Hammerheads.
Inshore Fishing: Inshore in September is good as well with lots of Red Drum, Flounder and Bluefish in the box! The mullet run was HUGE this year with plenty of bait everywhere! The Flounder were stacked in the inlets and backwater estuaries as most were caught on artificials with Blue Water Candy Jigheads. Most of our Red Drum came on live mullet and Pogies on Carolina rigs around the deeper water docks.

Tip: If you plan to fish in the winter and spring here in Topsail Beach, Wrightsville Beach or Wilmington, STOCK UP on MULLET! I managed to catch, brine (with only Sea Salt, Ice and a little “cure”) & freeze TONS of varying sized mullet for the winter and spring fish runs (I even brined some with Blue Color “Nates Bait” for the darker colored waters).

Brining Mullet for the Winter & Spring!

Brining Mullet for the Winter & Spring!

Now… For the October Fishing Forecast and Fishing Report for Wrightsville Beach, Topsail Beach, Wilmington and Figure 8 Island:

Nearshore: Currently, there is an EPIC F. Albacore and Spanish Mackerel BLITZ right off of our North Carolina Inlets! I do troll occasionally; however, I prefer to put my clients on the fish by sight casting to the schools of feeding fish using various jigs that “match the hatch”. When we see the fish feeding on the surface, we race over to them and cast the jigs just over the “washing machine” that appears to be on the surface of the water… then HANG ON! These fish are fast, have tons of energy and provide an overall awesome fishing experience.
We are still catching LIMITS of Grey Trout and releasing many more once the boat limit is reached. I am picking up the Grey Trout on “Live Bottom” off of the beaches in the 2-6 mile range. Vertical Jigging is proving to provide the best action for the G. Trout.
The Nearshore Flounder Fishing continues to be excellent right now. I am finding most of my Nearshore Flounder in the 3-10 mile range using both Live Mullet and 2oz Spro Jigs tipped with a large Berkeley GULP or live mullet.

Offshore/ Nearshore Flounder Fishing

Offshore/ Nearshore Flounder Fishing

There are a TON of sharks from the beach out to 10 miles as well, when my clients are ready for something different, the sharks provide constant action (a kid favorite!).
The Cobia are beginning there migration back down south and can be found on the jetties, around piers and on the live bottom and wrecks in the nearshore waters. We hooked two cobia this past week in a matter of an hour (these cobia were cruising the live bottom off of Wrightsville Beach).

Inshore Fishing: Inshore Fishing has been HOT as well with some days better than others due to weather. We have been catching lots of Flounder, Drum & Speckled Trout in their usual inshore areas with more trout coming from the deeper water grass-lines, Red Drum and Black Drum around the docks and flats, Flounder have been laying in the backwater inlets and creeks feeding heavy on shrimp and baitfish.

Fishing Forecast for the rest of October going through November:

3 Generations Fishing Trip

3 Generations Fishing Trip

Currently at Topsail Beach & Wrightsville Beach, the water temperature is from 71 – 75 degrees depending on the tide and where you are fishing. This water temp decline provides an EXCELLENT Fall Fishing Window that will provide steady action as the temps drop. The Speckled Trout will move in HEAVY over the next month going through November and are a blast to catch on artificial and live baits. The Red Drum will still be Very thick and feeding every chance they get. Focus on the deep water docks, rock outcroppings and jetties (they are feeding on live mullet and pogies). Sheepshead fishing is excellent right now and will get better as the water cools. Fish the bridge pilings with live fiddler crabs for the most action, as the water cools focus on the jetties and rock outcroppings closer to the ocean. The F. Albacore will continue to provide constant action going through November as will the Spanish Mackerel. The bigger flounder that I am currently catching offshore will move to the backwaters to fatten up for the winter.

Note: I will be posting/ publishing numerous descriptive “How To Guides” for Trout (both Speckled Trout and Grey Trout), Flounder, Red Drum, Sheepshead, Spanish Mackerel, King Mackerel & F. Albacore Tuna just to name a few.

Gear Used (From the Tackle Shop, Intracoastal Angler in Wilmington, NC):
*Shimano Spheros Reels
*20lb PowerPro Line
*7ft Graphite Rods
*Diamond Jigs, Tsunami Jigs & small Shimano Jigs
*20lb Yozuri Fluorocarbon (Pink b/c it is the first color to disappear underwater at approximately 2ft sub surface).
*Shark & Cobia Gear: Shimano Rods and 10000 series Shimano Spheros reels, 60lb PowerPro Braid.

Click Here for Previous Fishing Reports

As always, don’t forget to take your kids fishing and hope to see you on the water!
Capt. Trevor Smith
ProFishNC Charters (

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ProFishNC Charters August Fishing Report, Topsail Island, Wrightsville Beach, Figure Eight Island, Wilmington, NC

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ProFishNC Charters Fishing Report (July 28th – August 17th) for Topsail Beach, Wrightsville Beach, Carolina Beach & Wilmington, NC

We are officially in the HEAT of the Summer and with that comes the necessary adjustment to fish the Summertime Patterns.  There are LOTS of Fish around and many Fishing Charter Options to choose from including an Awesome Nearshore Bottom Fishing Bite!BIG Red Drum

With the water now HOT in the backwater reaching almost 90 at low tide some days you will need to find deepwater and nearshore structure to find the most fish (unless you have a large amount of rain that both cools the surface waters and creates an upwelling offshore of cooler water that then pushes in the backwaters as we have experienced 3 times this year by my count.  This upwelling occurs when the rainwater reached a tipping point where it sinks causing the cooler sub-surface water to rise to the top and push in the inshore waters as the tide flows.   Ironically, as I write this report the backwater temps as of 12pm today was a “chilly” 74 degrees due to heavy rains and a nearshore cold water upwelling).   Sure, you can catch Red Drum and Flounder in the Hot Water (and many days we catch a lot!); however, I do prefer to fish the deeper water of the inlets and offshore/ nearshore wrecks.   There are A LOT of Inshore Gamefish holding in these areas currently and they are Feeding Heavy!

We have boated many larger “Over Slot” Red Drum this Summer (all Drum 28″ or larger) along with Many Large Citation Sized Flounder including one Nice Trophy Today Aug 17th (Pictured below).   The Larger Fish are taking the bigger live baits (I prefer using mullet or menhaden for the Larger Gamefish) around structure both Inshore and Nearshore.

Inshore Fishing (Backwaters, Inlets, Flats, Docks & Creeks):

Most days the Inshore fishing is good; however, when the HOT Water influences the backwaters, the fishing Inshore can slow some days (but don’t fret!!! When this happens Fish your favorite Deep Water Docks and the Mouths of the Inlets!   There are LOTS of Fish to be caught inshore in the summer).photo-78

What’s Biting Right Now Inshore>>> Flounder, Drum, Speckled Trout (*yes, Specks are biting!), Black Drum, Sheepshead and of course… more Lizard Fish than you can stand!  LOL

Inlet Fishing: I am drifting the inlets with live baits on Carolina Rigs (2ot Circle Hooks) and have been producing a lot of flounder right now.   Most of the Red Drum I am catching are on the docks and flats in the backwaters.   The Sheepshead are BIG right now and are being caught along the Docks in the Intracoastal Waterway and Bridges with lots of structure.

Backwater Fishing: Lets not forget the Artificial Baits!  I am using a lot of artificial baits as well inshore in the creeks and backwaters (it is key to work a lot of water and you will catch the fish!).  The past few weeks we have been producing large numbers of Flounder with GULP Shrimp (Glow Color) and pinning them to a ½ – ¾ oz. Blue Water Candy Jighead.

Nearshore Bottom Fishing (out to 5 miles in 40 – 65 ft. of water):

What’s Biting Right Now>>> Big Flounder, Black Seabass, Grey Trout, Big Lemon Sharks, Spanish Mackerel, King Mackerel, Cobia and many other “reef complex” species.

Summertime Nearshore Bottom Fishing:

I have two strategies for Bottom Fishing Nearshore:

The First: Carolina Rigs with 40 lb. Fluorocarbon and 6ot Circle Hooks using BIG live baits.  Find your structure or bottom topography that you are fishing on your depth finder/ sounder, compensate for your wind and find your drift.  Let the Fish do the rest!! Octopus

The Second: I use a 2-4 oz. Spro Jig (depending on the current) and pin a big live or dead mullet or piece of cut bait to it and bouncing it off of the bottom on wrecks, reefs and live bottom.

Surprisingly, the past few weeks we have boated A LOT of Octopus while Bottom Fishing using this method within the 5 mile range… Its a Kid Favorite (myself included) as they are very versatile and entertaining creatures. Most octopus when released in the boat will climb up your boat gunnel and find the water…every time (as this one did!).

Note: BOTH of these methods can be used while at anchor or drifting and produce A Lot of Fish.

We are Booking for the Fall and many dates are filling up quickly!  Give us a call and Lets Go Fishin’!

Capt. Trevor Smith

(910) 547-0000

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