ProFishNC Charters July Fishing Report for Figure Eight, Wilmington, Wrightsville, Carolina and Topsail Beach, NC

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ProFishNC Charters Fishing Report for June 24th Through July 14th Topsail Beach, Carolina Beach, Wrightsville Beach and WilmingtonHuge Flounder

Saltwater Summer Fishing is in Full Swing here in SE North Carolina!   We have had a very busy fishing season so far with lots of Fishing Trips in the Books.   Fishing has been Excellent Most days and Okay to Good on those windy & rainy days as adjusting to the summer time weather is essential to having consistent successful fishing trips.  During the past two weeks Fishing Topsail, Wrightsville & Carolina Beach we have boated many very large Flounder, Grey Trout, Bluefish, Spanish Mackerel, Red Drum along with numerous smaller fish (a good sign for the upcoming Fall Fishing!).

ProFishNC Charters Quick Look at Successful Inshore Fishing Summertime Tactics:

  • Drift Fish to cover ground: Drifting Livebaits and Artificials is key to finding the fish this time of year.  If you are having a hard time locating good numbers of inshore fish in your area, fish the inlets and creeks directly around the inlets using the Drifting Technique.   You can drift any tide at any time as long as you can control your boat.   Use the wind and currents to your advantage as you find your “set & drift” then line up your boat for the longest drift possible.   Use Carolina Rigs for drifting live-baits and Heavy Jigs (I use Blue Water Candy Jigheads with Berkeley Gulp!) for your artificial baits.   With this technique, even a novice fisherman will be able to locate the fish and be able to more efficiently fish where the fish are feeding.3yo First Red Drum!

  • Find Live Bait and USE IT!: The fish are feeding HEAVY on mullet and menhaden right now; therefore, you should use them as well!  Pinning a live mullet to a Carolina Rig (w/ a 2ot Circle Hook) is catching HUGE Numbers of Flounder right now around the inlets.   The Red Drum have been keyed in on Live Menhaden and Mullet on Carolina Rigs as well.   This time of year, fishing the deep-water docks with live baits has been producing good numbers of Red Drum even on the hottest of afternoons!

  • Fish the Docks & Grasslines and Inlets: When Inshore Fishing during the HEAT of the Summer the backwaters heat up quick!  Because of this many inshore fish move out to the deeper docks, ICW Grasslines and Inlets to find the water that is a few degrees cooler than the HOT Backwaters of the Inland marshes and creeks.   Focusing your inshore fishing strategy to fish the deeper tidal waters will produce more fish During the “Dog Days” of our hottest summer months.  

  • Always have out a Monster Bait: Lots of big fish are moving through right now (Big Red Drum, Big Flounder, Big Bluefish, Big Cobia…and the infamous Mystery Fish (we’ve all had a monster or two on the line that we could not get a glance at before she breaks free).  Remember to use top notch gear for your monster lines (I use Shamino Spheros 10000 with 60 lb PowerPro braid and 40-60 lb Fluorocarbon Leader).DSCN0337

  • Circle Hooks/Pink Fluorocarbon/ Presentation: I am a HUGE Proponent of Circle Hooks!   Yes, even for Inshore Fishing (for many reasons).  One, you will kill less juvenile fish when the fish really takes your bait deep.  Circle Hooks are designed with the point facing the shank allowing the hook to set in the corner of the fishes mouth.  Two, we take the “Missed Hookset” out of the fishing equation as you just wait until you line pulls tight then reel in slowly.  *Note: If you do hook a fish too deep and you intend on releasing the fish, ALWAYS just cut your line and re-tie a new hook or jig head on your leader.   Believe it or not, most fish survive deep hooksets as their body will work the hook out; however, once you pull on a deep set hook the odds of survival are drastically reduced.   I use Pink Fluorocarbon for my leaders for two reasons:  One, Fluorocarbon is very abrasion resistant and holds up longer on all of the toothy critter and dock pilings encounters!   Two, the color PINK is the first color to disappear when entered into the water column.  Pink will become invisible at two feet; therefore, creating a more natural looking presentation of your baits.

As Always, Tight Lines and Take the Family Fishing this Season!

Capt. Trevor Smith

ProFishNC Charters “We Have Fun & Catch Fish!”

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ProFishNC Charters Fishing Report for Topsail Beach, Wrightsville Beach & Carolina Beach 5/27 – 6/6/13

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ProFishNC Charters: Fishing Report Wrightsville Beach, Carolina Beach, Topsail Beach & Wilmington, NC 5/28/13 – 6/6/13


With the increasing water temps, our Near-Shore and Inshore Fishing Options are

growing by the day!
What’s happened on the water this past week… The Larger Red Drum have shown up in good numbers and are holding on the Jetties and docks close to the inlets. The Large Sheepshead have arrived as well and can be found on submerged rock piles, jetties, pilings and bridges. The Sheepshead are QUICK to bite a live fiddler crab (be sure to have a bucket full as they don’t last long on your hook!) The push of Inshore Flounder is getting stronger as the catch ratio has increased over the past week or two! We have been catching most of our flounder on Berkeley Gulp with a little extra ProCure on the baits (the flounder find this combo irresistible). There has been an explosion of baitfish over the past week as well with the Threadfin Herring showing up at our inlets, jetties & near-shore structures (one of my favorite live-baits to use for BIG Red Drum, Cobia & King Mackerel.

283 NIce Flattie
Nearshore Fishing Carolina Beach, Topsail Beach & Wrightsville Beach: The Spanish Mackerel Bite I rate as good, though not as “HOT” as the past two weeks. We are catching more Spanish on spoons and plainers now as opposed to the YoZuri Deep divers they were keyed in on the past few weeks (the baits they are feeding on are smaller and staying deeper now so adjust your approach to “match the hatch”). The Bluefish have been on FIRE with many days of filling the cooler (though not as desirable as many of our inshore and nearshore fish, the bluefish are good table fare if they are put on ice immediately, prepared correctly and not frozen). The blues are literally eating anything you throw at them weather it’s a plug (YoZuri, GotCha, etc) or softplastics on a jighead… Though I have not tried it, you could probably put a carrot on you hook and catch all you want.. lol). The Cobia are still around feeding on the LARGE baitballs of Menhaden and Threadfin Herring. They can be located on the beaches following the bait, the jetties and the nearshore wrecks and structure. Toss a Live Blue Crab, Live Baitfish or large Jig to them and HOLD ON! If you are into Shark Fishing… It’s going STRONG right now. There are sharks at the jetties and nearshore structure feeding on both live and dead baits! We even caught a shark on a Clarkspoon trolling off of Wrightsville Beach this past week (go figure!). There have been LARGE Schools of False Albacore feeding 1 – 3 miles off of Wrightsville Beach, Carolina Beach & Topsail Beach as well. These Tuna are lots of fun on light tackle and we have been chasing the schools and throwing diamond jigs to them with great success!
Inshore Fishing Topsail Beach, Wrightsville Beach & Carolina Beach: The Inshore 276 Backwater RedFishing has been Good as well with many days of Double Digit Flounder, Drum & Trout and a couple of “Inshore Grand Slams”…. It’s all about presentation, retrieve speed, location and the right baits. I have been focusing more on the salt-flats, deep holes and near-inlet estuaries as the fish have concentrated in these locations as the move into our Inshore waters. We are catching most of our Speckled Trout on white curly-tale grubs with a pink Blue Water Candy Jighead (as light as you can throw because the trout like the hit the bait when its fluttering/ falling through the water column). I have found large schools of “Specks” in the swift-water deep holes in the flats behind our inlets. Once you hook one… keep fishing the same area as they are a schooling fish that will have “friends”. The Red Drum are really moving around on the tides now as they can be caught in just about all of our inshore waters. We have caught the majority of our Red Drum this week in the salt-flats casting artificials to them (found some “Tailing” today in the backwater ☺). I prefer to use any artificial that mimics a “molting shrimp” and sent them heavy with the Shrimp Scented ProCure; however, you can still catch them on Fresh Cut Bait under the docks. We have seen a larger class of drum this week with most in the “slot” and a few over! The Black Drum are here as well, we are “accidentally” catching them while Red Drum & Flounder Fishing (caught some really nice sized ones this week!). The Founder are just about everywhere as well with many being caught in the inlets coming in from the ocean. Fishing the lower incoming tides where there is both bait and sandy bottom. We are picking of many flounder in the backwater estuaries as well; however, the catch ratio for the past week has been about 4/1 (throwbacks to keepers respectively).
If you want to get out, fish and have a great time on the water give us a call and we can “Have Fun & Catch Fish!” We are also booking many Family & Kids Fishing Charters now that the youngest anglers are out of school!
Be sure to ask Capt. Trev about your Family and Kids Fishing Charter options as we run these trips a little differently than our “Serious Angler” trips as we do offer a “Constant Action Charter” tailored to the Family!

As Always, Tight-Lines!

Capt. Trevor Smith “Capt. Trev”
(910) 547-0000

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