4/27/13 ProFishNC Charters Spring “Inshore Grand Slam” Fishing Report

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“INSHORE GRAND SLAM!” ProFishNC Charters Fishing Report for Late April

Water Conditions and Fishing Report for Wrightsville Beach, Topsail Beach & Carolina Beach:
There have been no significant jumps in water temp over the past week as the temps remain unchanged. Other than the schools of silverside anchovies and coinciding with the current water temps, the Spring & Summer Baitfish are still “on the horizon” as there are very small schools of Mullet and Menhaden currently in our Inshore waters (the Fry that has just recently hatched appears to be doing well… I suspect within the next two weeks we will see a substantial increase in Baitfish activity).

Fishing Report:

For many Fisherman (NOT ALL ;) this week has been somewhat of a lull in an aggressive upward swing in Spring Fishing Action; however, we did manage to catch LOTS of fish! It’s all about knowing where to go for the conditions presented, the bait to use & the current “Hot Bite”. I always let my clients know the weather & water conditions which will dictate our Fishing options for the current week (as decided by the trends of the water temps, tides & Fish Runs).

Nice Spring Flounder Nice Spring Flounder

The morning bite Saturday 4/27/13 was a little slow as we are still in the upper levels of the Lunar Tide cycle experiencing super high and super low tides. The morning tide was one of those “SUPER HIGH” tides that disperse the fish waaay back in the marshes and tidal creeks. That being said, the Inlets are the best bet for action on the Lunar High tides with good catches of Bluefish being had by all.
ON the other end of the Lunar Tide Cycle… we have the Lunar Low which was our afternoon tide. The Lunar Low tides are BY FAR my favorite time & tide to fish in our Coastal Inshore Waters of NC! All of the small Baitfish and Game Fish present are pulled into the narrow channels of the backwaters concentrating them to a confined area.

“INSHORE GRAND SLAM” (Notated by Catching at least 1 Red Drum, 1 Flounder & 1 Speckled Trout):    The Afternoon Bite was on FIRE! We managed to push back into the backwaters of Wrightsville Beach & Topsail Beach as the tide was falling and really “got into” the fish! We found a HOT Speckled Trout Bite (most only around 12 inches as many of the larger trout have pushed out *they will be back:), Red Drum, Flounder, Bluefish, Sea Robin. Everything came on Artificial Baits as we found the “hot” combination to really get the aggressive response from gamefish.

Spring Red Drum 4.27

The Red Drum were caught under backwater docks with a more aggressive sweeping motion with a 2 second pause after making contact with the bottom.  Tempting these spring Drum using Bluewater Candy (BWC) 1/2 & 3/4 oz pink Jig heads with a grey and pepper flake swimbait scented with ProCure (mullet gel….GREAT STUFF :) .

The Flounder were keyed into more of a slow and steady bounce of the bait using white BWC Jighead with a white body swimbait using ProCure (Tip for Catching Flatties: Fish it slow and pause the bait briefly on the bottom followed by a 6 in drag then using the tip of your rod bounce the bait 12 – 16 inches & ..repeat :) .

The Speckled Trout were caught in the swifter moving waters of the channels using a high and slow sweeping motion of the baits letting the Jig flutter down the water column (Pink BWC jighead with white swimbait body).

As usual, the Bluefish were hitting just about anything that hit the water as they are super aggressive right now after the spawn! We managed to land a nice 4lb class bluefish while also using the Swimbait/ BWC Jighead Combo (going 0/1 on a suspected MONSTER Bluefish..details below).

Spring Bluefish 4.27 Fun Backwater Spring Bluefish on Light Tackle

We even had a surprise HUGE Sea Robin! This one was by far the largest Sea Robin I have seen in the Inshore waters of Wrightsville Beach with this one pushing 14 Inches (they rarely reach 12 inches. Sea Robin are a complex species of fish with leg-like anal fins with feelers that the fish actually “stand” on enabling them to crawl along the sea floor… ohh, they also boast a pair of wing-like ventral fins!

The one that got away… As we fish the Backwater with artificial baits, I always have a “Monster Line” in the water with a large whole mullet attached to a 3ot circle hook with wire.  While catching the trout, flounder and drum we had a real screamer on the Monster Line!   Unable to turn the beasts head, she peeled off line headed for the mouth of the creek!  Just as quick as she hit and made the impressive run… she was off only to be caught another day!   With circle hooks, if the bait is “sucked in” whole (many larger fish use the vacuum suction to feed) and finds its way into the stomach, it is designed not to grab and to come out.  Conversely, when the circle hook grabs, it catches the fish in the corner of the mouth and RARELY is ever pulled loose.  This is important for many reasons with the main reason being the mortality rate of the fish drops when not gut hooked (it’s a GOOD Thing!).  None the less, we had an Awesome Afternoon of Fishing and Smiles All Around!

We are booking up quick for many summer dates, be sure to “drop us a line” to ensure we can schedule your Fishing Trip for 2013!  We provide year around Fishing Charters in Wrightsville Beach, Fishing Charters in Carolina Beach and Fishing Charters in Topsail Beach!

Very Large Sea Robin!

Tight Lines,
Capt. Trev

ProFishNC Charters


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4/18 & 4/19 EPIC SPRING BITE! Wrightsville Beach & South Topsail

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4/18/13 & 4/19/13 ProFishNC Charters Fishing Report for Wrightsville Beach & South Topsail
Wow… What a difference a few days make!
Our water temps have really seen some increases within the past few days with our Backwater temps reaching 72, Intracoastal Waterway at 68 and the Surf at 62!
With the waters going up… the Fishing has really heated up!
What did we catch… F. Albacore, Monster Blue Fish (some 10+ pounds), Black Seabass, Porgy’s, Speckled Trout, Flounder & Red Drum all on Light Tackle!
F. Albacore Tuna Sight-Fishing F. Albacore Tuna 4/18/13 Wrightsville Beach
The Details:
On the morning of 4/18 we pushed offshore to scout a near-shore wreck in search of the elusive Bonito & F. Albacore.  The seas were 3ft every 6 seconds or so with the wind steady out of the South (10 – 15 kts).   With the bow pointed Northeast and 25 minutes later we arrived and started searching for Birds Diving and the Top-Water explosions these Tuna are famous for.  I let the guys know that we were merely “scouting” and that if successful, we would have the First report of a Bonito in the nearshore waters of Wrightsville Beach (within 10 miles) as the day before the Bonito were still about 13 miles off the coast (reportedly mixed in with 30lb schoolie BFT I might add J).  We decided to drop some baits down on the Wreck all while continuing to search for birds and tuna on top.  After catching a few Black Sea Bass and Porgy’s, (and no sign of Mr. Bonito) I decided to push back in closer to the beach to chase some bluefish and see if we could find a Tuna in the warmer inlet waters right inside of the Jetty. I hit many usual spots inside the Jetty as catching numerous bluefish when the top water explosion happened…   TUNA WAY INSIDE THE WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH JETTY!  I quickly pulled anchor and jammed the throttle toward the Tuna (I could not tell from the distance we were at if they were F. Albacore or Bonito. With one perfectly placed cast and a small prayer… it was FISH ON!  After a 20 minute battle on 15lb test, we managed to get the Albacore to the boat!  This to my knowledge is the First F. Albacore Tuna caught inside of the Wrightsville Beach Jetty this year!   As usual after a fight like that, there were High-Fives all around, a photo session and a quick release back to fight another day!  Just as quickly as the Tuna showed up… they were GONE… as to be expected for such an early and unusual showing of Albacore that were that far inside the Wrightsville Beach Jetty.

Big Backwater Chopper Bluefish 4/18/13 Nice Spring Red Drum 4/18/13

Afternoon of 4/18 we pushed North to the Backwaters via the ICW and headed toward Figure Eight Island and South Topsail in search of Redfish, Drum, Trout, Flounder & Monster Chopper Bluefish.  We managed all of the above in short order and with LOTS of excitement!  There is no better feeling than Guiding someone in the Salt for their first Saltwater Fishing experience and landing a Grand Slam including 10lb Chopper Blues!  We caught a the Trout on a Blue Water Candy ½ oz Pink jighead with a grey pepper flaked Berkley Gulp and the Drum on Fresh Fresh Fresh Locally caught shrimp.   The Drum are still feeding in their winter schooling patterns (more foraging than “hunting”, this is why FRESH Shrimp is KEY right now to pick up the Red Drum.  This will all change in a week or so as the waters warm, the redfish disperse from the winter patters and start aggressively feeding on the baitfish.  We used Nate’s Bait Cured Mullet for the Choppers on 20# wire to a 1oz egg weight Carolina Rigged… In NO TIME the “Train Wreck” Happened.  The rod penned in the gunnel with the drag Screaming off the reel… In my opinion, there is nothing more exciting in the backwater than fighting and finessing a Monster Fish!  Once the Chopper Blues hit, its coaching and fighting for the next 10 minutes (all while keeping the fish out of the Dock Pilings and oyster bars) followed by more High-Fives!!!
Monster Backwater Bluefish! Monster Backwater Bluefish! 4/19/13

The morning of 4/19 we pushed North from Wrightsville Beach to “re-unite” with the Chopper Blues again.  WOW were they in!  In short order, we managed 10 Huge Choppers (releasing several and keeping a few) in the backwater and one 17” Flounder!   Just as the day before, the Bluefish came on the Nate’s Bait Brined Mullet and the Flattie on a BWC Jighead with a Pearl colored Berkeley Gulp.  As the rain moved in and the wind picked up we headed to the hill with lots of smiles and stories!  After two days with the Fishing Gear (see below) taking a beating on BIG FISH, we only managed to break one guide of a rod when the rod was PINNED to the gunnel with a monster on the other end… I consider that a WIN!

BIG Chopper Bluefish & a 17" Flounder 4/19/13 Chopper Bluefish & a 17″ Flounder 4/19/13

Gear Used:
Penn Battle 4000’s
Shamino Spheros 4000’s
15 & 20 lb Power Pro Braided Line
7’ Graphite Rods
Yozuri 20 – 30 Lb Pink Fluorocarbon
20# wire (For Chopper Blues)
Blue Water Candy ½ & ¾ oz Jig Heads
DOA Swimbaits
Gulp! Grubs and Jerk Baits
As Always, Tight Lines & Hope to see You on the water!
-Capt. Trev
ProFishNC Charters
(910) 547-0000
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