More BIG Grouper, Spanish, Bluefish, etc. 1-3-10 Reel Adventure

January 3rd, 2010 by Capt. Matt Wirt | Comments Off

Happy new years to everyone! I just wanted to post up a quick report because the Pine Island fishing has been on fire when the wind works in our favor. I have gotten LOT’S of questions on the Goliath Grouper trips. The first one is YES they are always there! No you cant keep them, they are federally protected! We may or may not catch a keeper sized grouper and there is a good possibility you will get a cobia or an amberjack. But please be aware we are Goliath Grouper fishing, smaller bottom fish are generally not hanging around where the Goliath’s are….for good reason!

Inshore has been picky. Lots of temp changes on the flats. The fish are there but it has not been a easy bite. Some days we wear them out the next they wont even take a live shrimp much less a fly. This should settle down after the fronts blow by.

On a side note those that purchased a fly rod from me on the fly rod deal need to make sure you get your checks out to me ASAP. I am waiting on a check from 5 people. I also still have 2 rods left for sale.

Starting with off shore pics..


Rod abuse!



This one was bigger than  me. I estimate it @ 250 lbs. This one and the big one from last report are hard to estimate. I saw on youtube where other capts. estimate the same size fish around 400 lbs. I just know its big! I also will have a youtube video up soon. I have the footage, just need to edit it out.


Shannon with a nice keeper sized grouper.


Just a little short!


I need a bigger stick. This was a 40 to 80lb rod I made. I am making an unlimited class rod this week. I can only imagine the size of the grouper that broke it. I have the rod breaking on video.



Becks with a nice spanish. We caught over 100 fish on a 3/4 day trip. Note the wall of birds behind her, they are on busting fish.


Her husband Randall hooked up. I have video where we were catching bluefish on a bare jig head! What a great day with great customers! Thanks again guys!


This is one of the many bait balls the fish were working that day.


My boat was covered with these!


These are a few they kept for dinner. The biggest spanish went 22 inches.


The fish were going nuts that day!



air time!


Jason with a nice bluefish on the TFO 7 wt.



Shredding the gurgler!

I hope everone has a great 2010 and if you want to come down to Florida for a winter fishing trip just give us a call!

Capt. Matt Wirt


Pine Island FL untill March 20.

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250 Pound Grouper, Cobia and lots more. Reel Adventure

December 21st, 2009 by Capt. Matt Wirt | Comments Off

Hello everyone! The Pine Island Fishing has been awesome. We have had lots of inshore action and LOT’S of offshore action latley. I wanted to share some pics of our last offshore trip where we ended up with some HUGE goliath grouper, HUGE sharks, lots of amberjacks and cudas. It was a blast! I will let the pics speak for themselves. If anyone wants to come pull on some of the grouper. I will GUARANTEE you hook up with a few of them. It is up to YOU to get them up. More about this after the pics!


First we catch one of these for bait, yes this is the bait! Then we cut 5 pound chunks off of it.


The bait does not last long, if it even makes it to the bottom. This is 36 pounds of max drag, 200 lb test. You will only try this once standing up (trust me on this) you will learn quick to leave it in the rod holder and crank from there!


If your lucky and you dont get broke off you will come up with a big boy! We got broke off 5 times before we found one we could manage! This one was bigger then me and I am 210 lbs. Estimated it @ 250 lbs, probably much bigger.



Released unharmed!


Here is one estimated at 50 lbs.


Sent the whole thing down asking for trouble and I got it.


This shark went 200 lbs estimated and it inhaled the cuda before it went out of visual range. I saw it eat it, I tried to bring it up and this shark ate it boat side. After 15 minutes we got the shark to the boat again and released. We got 3 sharks and all of them were around this size.


My buddy Shannon went after the Amberjacks and Cobia on live pinfish. He got this 20 lb cobia on a trout rod. We caught around 10 amberjacks as well. The amberjacks had me puzzled because they did not go to the bottom and break you off like I am used to. I realized a few minutes later they cant! They will get eaten!

So back to the GUARANTEE. If anyone wants to come down and battle the biggest grouper of your life I will guarantee you get hooked up multiple times. Bring your baddest rod and reel or use mine. We are running these trips out of a 24 Ranger bay boat in the calm gulf of mexico waters 14-20 miles from land. Price is $600 for 3 anglers (includes captain, mate and everything else except your fishing license wich we can easily get when you get here).

Capt. Matt Wirt


Pine Island Florida untill March 20

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