Cape Fear Inshore Report 10-25-09 Reel Adventure

October 25th, 2009 by Capt. Matt Wirt | Comments Off

Hello everyone! The Carolina beach fishing and Wrightsville beach fishing charters is about as hot as it can get right now. The redfish and speckled trout are biting just about everything and we have had lots of sightcasting opportunities. Now is the time to target them on spin tackle or fly rod. The lower tide stages are producing best, and on a 1/2 day we are averaging 4-5 reds and about the same in trout. We had one monster over the slot red that we sight casted too almost spool us then broke us off! Also there are also lots of small undersized reds, wich looks real good for next year!

The response for our Pine Island fishing charters in Florida this winter has been great. It looks like I will se quite a few of you over the winter and I cant wait to share a awesome fishery with you. Click here for more info:

Untill then we will continue to have fun here on the Cape Fear with the redfish and trout! ) Come join us!







Steve and I stayed on the fish all day long today. We caught a total of around 7-9 reds and trout on that 1 DOA shrimp!






Capt. Matt Wirt


Wilmington, NC / Pine Island, Florida 33956

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Carolina Beach and Cancun Report, 10-14-09 Reel Adventure

October 25th, 2009 by Capt. Matt Wirt | Comments Off

The Carolina beach fishing and Wrightsville beach fishing charters is in the full fall swing right now. Nearshore, the spanish mackerel and albacore are doing well, and the king mackerel are doing well in the 7-25 mile range. Inshore, our inshore bite is great right now! Flounder, redfish and trout are all doing well on Gulp, fly, or live bait. From now untill I leave for Florida for the winter I will concentrate my fishing to nearshore sight casting for spanish and ablies and inshore fishing the lower cape fear river. Now is the time to expierence our excellent cape fear fishing! (lots more below the pics!)






Speaking of excellent fishing that brings me to the next topics…..Florida and Cancun.

First is Florida, We will be operating out of Pine Island Florida for the fifth winter this year. The primary targets in the winter are redfish, trout, snook, spanish, albacore, jacks, with tons of ladyfish thrown in for good measure. Baby tarpon and big grouper are also a possibility. Click here for lots more info and pricing:

Cancun, Cancun….Cancun was fun but Isla Blanca was GREAT. I fished with Capt. Enrique for 2 days and we had a blast with the baby tarpon. Isla Blanca is well known for its fishery but is overshadowed by Ascension bay 3 hours to the south. With the groups heading to Acension bay I opted for the remoteness of Isla Blanca. It was so remote after 2 days of fishing when I finally saw the first boat I was startled. It was just a commercial spearfisherman and looking back it was funny. What a beautiful area and I really couldnt ask for a better guide turned amigo.


On day 1 we jumped around 9 tarpon and landed 4 or 5. We saw…..let me back up to the day before to exlpain we. We was Michael and I. Michael is a firefighter in the air force and was down on vacation with his wife from Kansas. We were hanging around the pool and we got to talking about fishing. The more I talked to him the more I remembered something I read about Lefty Kreh. It went something like Lefty was leaving out to go albacore fishing ( I think with Sarah Gardner) and he invited a person on the dock to come along free of charge etc. I thought that was cool and I guess it stuck with me. Im no Lefty Kreh, but I did the same thing with Michael. It was kind of my own military appreciation day. Thanks Michael for spending a day fishing with me.

Heres a pic of Michael hooked up on a tarpon that was not ment to be caught! We started out 0-4 with 4 jumps. This one jumped and ran us around every little mangrove shute it could find. I untangled the 8 lb mono from at least 4 mangroves, then it ran him under the boat twice and we still got the fish! Me and Capt. Enrique were laughing at that tarpon. Good times.



Just seeing Michaels face with that fish cracks me up all over again. It was the only tarpon in 2 days to wrap up like that.

Day 2 was even better! Here are a few pics of one out of over 25 hooked up on fly. (Video is below with lots of action)





Please click the video below to watch.

Thanks again Michael and Capt. Enrique. I will be back to Isla Blanca soon!

Capt. Matt Wirt


Wilmington, NC / Pine Island, Florida 33956

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