Reds, Flounder, Spanish, Kings and Mahi Biting: Wrightsville Beach

June 24th, 2009 by Capt. Rick Bennett | Comments Off

davids-first-mahi-june-22-2009.jpgHi Folks,

It’s been a while and I apologize. I have been busier than usual and have neglected telling you about all the fish that are biting. What would you like to catch? Flounder and reds… their biting. Spanish macks… their biting. Kings and mahi… their biting. There are even some sailfish around and I haven’t gone out of the sight of land yet! Be sure to check out the new pics on my photo page. Now here’s my report:

Inshore: I have never seen so much bait. Menhaden are just about everywhere and they make the best bait for reds and flounder. Reds are biting on the ICW docks and in the creeks on the falling tide. Catch them with menhaden fished on a carolina rig. Some of the fish are pretty big so use a stout MH rod and strong braid line. Be sure to release anything over 27 inches and only one per person my be kept. A good flounder bite continues with some nice 5-8 pounders being caught. Again, use a carolina rig and live menhaden.

Near Shore: Lots of nice size spanish mackerel are biting 00 clarkspoons on #1 planers with 30? of 25# test mono leader. A bird rig works well on calm days too. Best trolling speed is between 5 and 6 kts.

Offshore: But not out of sight of land… kings and mahi are plentiful. Live menhaden slow trolled on double treble king rigs work best. If you prefer fast trolling, you can use small to medium ballyhoo with pink and/or blue skirts. (I like the Bluewater Candy Featherweights). Check out the 22 pound mahi we caught. You can see on my site in This weeks Fishing Report at

Gulfstream: No Reports… honestly, with all that is biting in close I have not even looked at what might be going on in the stream.

Upcoming: See above; more of the same as long as the weather holds. We are making up for the crazy weather we had in the spring. Water temps right now range between the high 70’s to the low 80’s. As the water warms a bit more, look for flounder to head to deeper water between the inlets to the near shore artificial reefs. Plans are underway already for Rod-Man’s 2010 Fishing School. More to come on that later. Until next time:

Capt. Rick Bennett
Rod-Man Charters


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Everything is Biting at Wrightsville and Carolina Beaches

June 3rd, 2009 by Capt. Rick Bennett | Comments Off

beccas-spanish-may-29-2009.jpgHi Folks,

I know it has been a while since I put out a report, but until recently the weather has been so poor, there just wasn’t much of an opportunity to fish. But at last we have some stable weather and the fishing is outstanding. Inshore there is a strong flounder bite; near shore the spanish are biting very well; offshore the kings are biting; and in the stream the mahi are thick.

Now here’s my report:

Inshore: Water temps are reaching the mid to upper 70′s and the fishing is just as hot. A very strong flounder bite is going on. Best fishing is with live menhaden on a carolina rig on the incoming tide. Reds are in the creeks and the ICW docks. Same bait as for flounder and the same rig with heavier hooks and leader.

Near Shore: The spanish bite is hot! Clarkspoons fished deep are doing best, but if you find a school try the new “clark caster: by Clarkspoon. The spanish love it. Cobia are biting well near the inlets and the AR’s near shore. Live bait or dead fished on the bottom, just off the bottom and on top will catch these brutes. Chum doesn’t hurt either. I have heard reports of a couple of tarpon sightings and that is early, but hey, we’ll take it.

Offshore: Kings are biting in the 7 to 25 mile areas. You can catch the kings on spoons, on cigar minnows, on live bait; slow troll or fast. Near the offshore AR’s, cobia are hitting live bait.

Gulfstream: Everyone going to the stream are catching mahi and plenty of them. Some wahoo are biting as well.

Upcoming: This is the time of the year when virtually everything is biting…maybe not at the same time, but somewhere the bite is happening. Whether you like the inshore, the near shore, the offshore or the gulfstream, there is something biting hard. It’s time to get on the water.

Anyone looking for a steal on an awesome skinny water flats boat, please email me at I have a friend selling a 17? Pathfinder flats boat with all the trimmings. I have fished with him and this rig is terrific. Email for more info and contact info on the seller.

Until next time…..LET’S GO FISHING!!!

Capt. Rick Bennett

Rod-Man Charters


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