Hot August Equals Hot Fishing Wrightsville and Carolina Beach

August 19th, 2009 by Capt. Rick Bennett | Comments Off

brads-7-pound-flound-august-13-2009.jpgHi Folks,

The past two weeks have been pretty awesome for fishing. We have had big catches of reds and flounder inshore and spanish macks near shore. Looks like Bill will give us a little swell activity that may slow the ocean fishing a bit for a short period, but otherwise we are looking at some really good fishing…and fall fishing isn’t here yet!!!

Now here’s my report:

Inshore: Reds have been biting well on both the falling and the incoming tides. Best baits have been finger mullet or fresh cut chunks of menhaden. Fish them on a carolina rig around the docks in the creeks and the ICW. Some very nice flounder are biting near the inlets and the docks. Live finger mullet fished on a carolina rig is the way to go.

Near Shore: Spanish macks are biting strong, and most of the fish are very nice size too. Clarkspoons in the 00 and 0 sizes fished on planers (#1) and on bird rigs are catching the fish from 25 to 50 feet of water. Troll at 4.5 to 5.5 knots. For those that enjoy a good tug and sporting fight on light tackle, shark fishing is fun and exciting.

Offshore: King mackerel are biting from 5 to 25 miles out. I prefer to use live bait and slow troll with light tackle, but dead bait, ballyhoo and cigar minnows, work well too. Mahi have moved a bit farther out but can be had in the 20+ mile areas along with some nice sailfish.

Gulfstream: No reports, but I expect it is too hot except for billfish action.

Coming Up: Fall fishing is almost here…I hope. It will be nice to fish in a little cooler weather. That is what I keep thinking when I am out there in the heat of August. Think cool!

Enjoy the pics of recent catches at

Until next time,


Capt. Rick Bennett

Rod-Man Charters



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Just About Everything is Biting Near Carolina & Wrightsville Beach

August 4th, 2009 by Capt. Rick Bennett | Comments Off

jacks-nice-flounder-july-27-2009.jpgHi Folks,

It has been a good week of fishing, highlighted by the tremendous spanish mack bite. We had two days of catches over 30 fish. Near shore and inshore the fishing has been steady and good. Now here’s my report:

Inshore: Water temps are round 84. The nice flounder are still biting on the rising tide in the ICW and inlets and the falling tide in the river. Menhaden and finger mullet are the best baits and fished slowly on a carolina rig. Redfish action has been steady with some very nice fish being caught.

Near Shore: The bite is on for spanish…on top with bird rigs and down deep with number one planers. The fish are mostly good size. Shark fishing is pretty much a sure thing if you are looking for excitement and a good pull on the line. King macs have been in close as well feeding on the large schools of menhaden in the area. from the sea buoy out to 25 miles the kings are nice.

Offshore: Big kings, mahi and sails are biting hard from 10 to 25 miles. Live menhaden and ballyhoo are producing the best results. Slow troll with the livies and fast troll with the dead bait. Several sails were caught in this weekend’s sailfish tournament.

Gulfstream: Some wahoo, large mahi and billfish have nee the main attractions in the “hot” stream.

Coming Up: It appears after a rather mild summer thus far, we are entering the dog days of heat and humidity. That simply mean that the best fishing will be early in the morning and late in the evening and night time fishing can be very good when the tides are right. The larger spanish are already showing up. Fall fishing is just around the corner when the temps will be right for a full day of fishing. Make your plans now. Check out the new photos at

Until next time…


Capt. Rick Bennett

Rod-Man Charters


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