Fishing Heating Up

August 6th, 2013 by Capt. Rick Bennett | Comments Off

Hi Folks,

It’s been a while, but the fishing has not been at its best. Things are picking up! Nice weather and less rain has allowed the water to clean up some and the fish have liked that, a lot. Now here’s my report:
INSHORE: Red drum are biting in the cleaner waters. They are hitting top water plugs like the She Dog and the Super Spook early in the morning. As the sun gets high live or dead menhaden or mullet will get the job. I fish bait on a Carolina rig. Falling tide is best. Some flounder are being caught on live bait at the inlets.

NEAR SHORE: Spanish mackerel continue to provide fickled action. They are her one day and hard to find the next day. Some of the best flounder fishing of the year has been at the near shore reefs. Live bait or vertical jigging are both catching fish. Shark fishing near shrimp boats is a 99% guarantee (but be courteous to the shrimpers).

OFFSHORE: Nice catches of king mackerel with some mahi and sailfish mixed in are happening from 10 to 25 miles. Live bait, ballyhoo and cigar minnows are getting the job done.

GULFSTREAM: The stream is offering good catches of wahoo, mahi and billfish.

CAPE FEAR RIVER: The lower river is providing action on reds, trout and flounder.

UPCOMING: Fall fishing is just around the corner and if we can catch some stable weather patterns, the fishing should be great. Be sure to check my photo page at for the latest pics.

Until Next Time…LET’S GO FISHING!!!

“Fishing is Our Business”

Capt. Rick Bennett
Rod-Man, Inc.

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Fishing Wrightsville and Carolina Beaches

June 24th, 2013 by Capt. Rick Bennett | Comments Off

Hi Folks,

Again it has been a while since my last report, but you can blame the weather on that one. This has undoubtedly been the worst fishing weather thus far this season I can remember. Wind and rain, rain and wind, cold; you name and we have had it. Things were getting heated up just when “Andrea” came thru with 4+ inches of rain. My fishing report is below, but bottom line it is hit and miss. But I remain hopeful going forward. The water temp off Wrightsville Beach is 81.

INSHORE: Rain and wind has left us with some dirty water, but it is finally starting to clear up. Poagies are pretty easy to find for bait fishermen. Some reds are being caught near the inlets and in the waterway. Friday we caught a 6.25 pound flounder in the waterway so the larger flounder are here; we just need the weather to stabilize so we can get some constant fishing going on.

NEAR SHORE: Spanish mackerel are biting at a fairly steady rate, occasionally taking a day off…As usual there are a few blues mixed in with the Spanish. Shark fishing is steady around the shrimp boats and is always good for a fun tug on the line.

OFFSHORE: From the 5 mile areas out to 25 miles the king mackerel bite is pretty good with live bait or ballyhoo. I have not received any reports of mahi as yet, but that should change in the very near future.


UPCOMING: Expect BETTER WEATHER!!! Look for mahi to come inside of 25 miles and as close as 10 miles or so. Big flounder should continue to produce both inshore and at the near shore AR’s. Be sure to check out the photo page at

Until Next Time…LET’s GO FISHING!!!

Capt. Rick Bennett

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