Fall Fishing is Gearing Up Wrightsville and Carolina Beach

September 14th, 2012 by Capt. Rick Bennett | Comments Off

Hi Folks,

First please allow me to update everyone. I have recently changed my email from rodman@rodmancharters.com torodman@rod-man.com. Please make note of this in your address book. At the same time I have consolidated my two websites, www.rodmancharters.com and www.custom-fishingrods.com into one new site, www.rod-man.com. Please take this opportunity to view and bookmark the new site. I will not be updating the old sites and they will soon cease to exist. Thank you.

Fall fishing is gearing up now for sure. On a recent trip with Capt. Lewis Emery I had some very nice trout and flounder action. (Please check the pics at http://www.rod-man.com/fishingphotos/main.php. Now here’s my report:

INSHORE: The red drum and flounder bite is very good. Some trout are showing up and that is a very good sign for later fall fishing. Reds are biting in the creeks, the ICW and the inlets. They are biting live bait, cut bait and artificials, mostly on the falling tide. Flounder are biting live bait in deep water and will bite artificials in shallower water.

NEAR SHORE: Large Spanish mackerel are biting near the beaches. Bluefish and grey trout are biting at the near shore artificial reefs.

OFFSHORE: Kings and mahi are biting from about 15 to 25 miles out. Some amberjack and sailfish are around as well.

GULFSTREAM: Out to sea storms have kept boats away from the stream this week, but look for a nice wahoo bite when things settle down.

UPCOMING: Look for inshore fishing to explode over the next month plus. The same will happen to “far offshore” and gulfstream fishing. I expect a banner trout season this year. I know that many or you wait and live for trout season. A reminder, please visit my new website at www.rod-man.com, I think you will like it! Until next time, LET’S GO FISHING!!!

Capt. Rick Bennett

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Pre Labor Day Fishing Report Wrightsville/Carolina Beaches

August 30th, 2012 by Capt. Rick Bennett | Comments Off

Hi Folks,

This is your pre-Labor Day fishing report. We have had some rain and from time to time breezy weather. Unusually however, the fishing has improved. That was just a long way of saying fall fishing has started early! And fortunately the weather for the extended weekend starting tomorrow looks fantastic. Now it is time for my report:

INSHORE: Red drum and flounder are biting strong. Reds are in the creeks, the inlets and the ICW. Many are over the 27” slot limit. They are biting well on most any oily bait such as menhaden, finger mullet, cut bluefish and so forth and on artificials like Gulp. Topwater plugs are working well in the early morning. Best fishing is high tide falling. Flounder are in the inlets, the Cut and are biting best on the incoming tide. Live bait and Gulp shrimp will get the job done.

NEAR SHORE: Spanish mackerel and some nice bluefish are patrolling the near shore waters and offer a nice catch and meal. Kings are in close and susceptible to slow trolled live bait. Don’t forget it is time to pull the Deep Divers back out for some light tackle Spanish mackerel action. Big flounder are still biting at the near shore reefs, jigging or live bait.

OFFSHORE: King macs, amberjacks, false albacore and more are biting in the 10-25 mile areas. Slow trolling with live bait seems to work best.

GULFSTREAM: No reports.

UPCOMING: It’s only going to get better. River fishing has already taken off with inshore slam catches and sight fishing for reds. I have a captain wearing out the tailing reds. Call me and I can “hook you up”. Please check out my photo gallery on my website www.rodmancharters.com.


“Fishing is Our Business”

Capt. Rick Bennett
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