Blue Fish & Spanish Mackerels Caugh On Got-Cha Plugs

June 29th, 2005 by Gillwetter Press | Comments Off

Flounder were hot this past week. We have seen many big flat fish including Ted Conner’s nine and a half pound catch. Yes, things are looking up! Mullet minnows have showed up but are still very small. The surf fishing is still pretty good with lots of Blue Fish and some Spots and Pompanos. Puppy Drum have been caught late at night in the surf on Mullet. It’s typical summer fishing; small during the day and big catches at night. Both fishing piers are catching Blue Fish and Spanish Mackerel on Got-Cha-Plugs almost all day long. In shore fishing for Spanish Mackerel remains good using Clarkspoons as tackle. They’re not the biggest but they are quite plentiful. Off shore, I have seen some great bottom catches with lots of Grouper and Snapper. King Mackerel and Wahoo as well as Dolphin can be found at all of the off shore weedlines. We at Seagull would like to thank the Island Gazette for such a nice write up in the Spotlight On Business section. Thanks again! Now, get out there and catch that big fish so you too can get in the paper! Keep fishin and releasin… Steve and Karen Labanec Seagull Bait & Tackle 910-458-7135

Ted Conners caught this monsterous nine and a half pound Flounder in Carolina Beach last week.

Clarence Clore caught this 10 lb. Sheepshead on 6-25-2005.

Tom Simmons caught this 6.8 pound Flounder on 6-18-2005.

Billy Newsome caught this 40 lb. King Mackerel from the North Pier last week.

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Snow’s Cut Seems Best For Flounder

June 22nd, 2005 by Gillwetter Press | Comments Off

Slowly they grow. Flounder that is. After weeks of barely legal Flounder some bigger fish have started showing up. The Snow’s Cut area seems to be about the best spot. This past week we saw several fish five to six and a half pounds. Things should continue to improve on the cut area as bait starts to grow and move around. In the surf, Pompano still rule. Maybe not in size, but they are still pretty plentiful. If you?re looking for something big, try Puppy Drum in the evenings and early morning hours. People are also catching Whiting and Blue Fish. By far, the best Blue fishing is from the piers. Both piers are catching Spanish Mackerel and Blue Fish. Small schools are running in the surf line pretty regularly. In fact, the Spanish Mackerel and Blue fishing from the piers is ten times better than last year. Near shore, Spanish Mackerel and Blue Fish are eating the paint off the clarkspoons and Cobia are everywhere. We have seen Cobia come from Wrightsville Inlet, Carolina Beach Inlet, the surf, and the piers. In fact, Cobia fishing seems to also be a lot better than in previous years. Offshore, Dolphin and Wahoo rule the deep for the time being and bottom fishing is as good as it gets! Keep fishin and releasin… Steve and Karen Labanec Seagull Bait & Tackle 910-458-7135

Bill Neely caught this five pound Flounder on June 18th, 2005.

Russ Lane caught these Speckled Trout on June 12th, 2005.

John Walter with Wayne Lee who caught this 45.4 lb. Cobia on 6-19-2005.


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